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Typed updated to 1.2 and is Macworld Editor’s Choice for Very Good Reason

by Kerry Dawson


Recently, at The Daily Mac View I wrote very positively about Typed and chose it as my preferred editor. In the article “Realmac’s Typed or the Soulmen’s Ulysses 2 Are both Excellent Markdown Editors” I wrote “For the present, my choice for an editor on the desktop is Typed.“ It remains so till this day.



Fortunately, Realmac has just updated the software to version 1.2. In this update, they got rid of the one problem that was an irritant and that was it would not properly display images properly. It does now and it does so very fast.

Oddly, the more I use this editor the more I like it and the more I enjoy using it. It works in what is referred to as type-writer mode keeping the fonts at a nice level to your eye. On the subject of fonts, what is referred to a Typed Pro I don’t think could be a more ideal font. Headers are a fantastic size and your writing is perfect in character presentation.

Beautiful Layouts


At first, typed looks very simple and that’s a good thing. However, it provides, as I said type-writer style writing, light to dark styles in your layout and something I find a touch odd but the zen mode, something which I haven’t quite gotten onto. I like listening to my classical music too much, which I think is like the Zen mode anyway to use this. It does have one other function which many might find useful and that is the focus mode or the ability to focus just on a paragraph or even a line yet just all too easily.

To add links and images is simplicity itself. When the authors of the program talk about the importance of the writing process to them when they crafted the program you can’t help but believe them.

Typed is probably the nicest editor I’ve used. If I’m not in the mood for writing, it has nothing to do with typed but everything to do with me. As a writing tool or aid you want it to flow with you and Typed does just that. You could easily refer to this editor as a frictionless editor whereas I find iAWord filled with friction.

You’re markdown editor that you choose to write with is important both in the short term and the long term. Typed, I feel, can be with you through your whole writing process.

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