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The Launch of “Technology Today Review” a Site for Tech Analysis


The Launch of “Technology Today Review” a Site for Tech Analysis

On Monday, Aug 3 it is the intent of “Tech Now/The Group” to turn up a site that will basically encompass everything to do with current Information systems. The site will stress frequently cross platform systems asit is our view that this is the direction things are going and must eventually go if BYOD (Bring Your own Device) takes off or is to be a success.

The Corporate Here you Go Approach ….

In the past, when you arrived for work at your corporate job, you were given the exact tools that you were expected you would need to do your work. These, in current times, involved a PC and a Smartphone and possibly a Pad. However, you got a certain kind of computer which was generally a PC and more than likely a Dell. You received a Smartphone which was likely a BlackBerry.

Those days are eroding quickly. Today’s employee first started turning up with his own Smartphone which he or she preferred. This was to be called BYOD. At first the IT departments resisted this trend but eventually they gave in for a variety of reasons non of which was too small the reduced cost.

Breaking Down the Walls: First the Smartphone, then the Computer

Although this trend first started with the Smartphone, it is carrying over to the computer. In many ways, The Mac View and The Daily Mac View were a reflection of a changing corporate culture not from productivity but to different tools to carry out and even enhance that productivity.

Workers are now requesting Macs to do their job. This has a double payoff for companies. Workers who request a specific product have an affinity for the product, are happier they’re allowed to use it and require far less training. This then converts to savings for the corporation in training costs and the worker generally is more productive.

Tech Today Review will follow in the Same Trend

Tech Today Review, or TTR for short, will follow in the tone set at The Mac View and The Daily Mac View. The concentration will be on a high level perspective of the tech industry, trends, its structure and the kinds of products that come on stream to support what is deemed necessary to remain productive and competitive.

TTR will look at the industry from a larger perspective than The Mac View and the The Daily Mac View. However, it will also incorporate the thinking that you’ve seen put forward at both of these sites. Technology should not be there for technologies sake or to rob us of our lives but to aid, assist and enhance life.

Information Technology Revolution

Specific phraseology potentially coined by Kerry Dawson - Editor for Analytical Purposes

We are currently going through an information technology revolution that really got underway at around the turn of the century. Although it can be argued it goes back to the 1940s with some amazing break throughs in technology that came on stream, it’s trend to affect society and culture and even modify it came on with force much later than this earlier time-frame. What we have seen in the last 15 years is truly amazing. Yet, as some would say, the best is yet to come.

It is the intent of the new site “Technology Today” to help with understanding what’s going on and what it means to you. The site, like the Mac View and The Daily Mac View, is intended to help with our collective knowledge keeping us informed and ultimately in control of what’s going on. Through knowledge, we can make the best decisions for ourselves and thus the wisest choices for our use of the new capabilities that have emerged and will emerge.

Rounding out our Ability to bring you all that is Most Relevant

Technology Today Review completes for us our mission of bringing you topical articles that provideAnalysis, Reflections and Musings on that which is the most relevant as we progress through the Technology Revolution. Understanding the importance and the fundamentals of anything which is societal altering is critical to our sense of well being and still having mastery of our universe. Without that, we feel very exposed, frustrated and even angry. The part around anger can either be self directed (why can’t I figure this out or keep up) or other directed (what are they doing; are they mad etc.) and emanates from a feeling of loss of control.

If you feel you’re in control and there’s a sense of self mastery then you’ll not be eaten by the “Technology Revolution but can even embrace it and enjoy the parts of it that bring you extra value as there is a lot of extra value in what we’re experiencing. The ability to use a Smartphone to provide you with immediate, on the spot information around an investment which leads to a decision about how to handle the investment, is very powerful and enhances your experience of the value add you obtain in this Technological Revolution.

Mastery can lead to many things such as heightened self-worth and self-confidence and much more. It also can be a bit of fun. Hopefully, Tech Today adds a bit of something to your day if not at least a bit of fun.

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