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Paste – Just When you thought it couldn’t Get Any Better

by Kerry Dawson

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Copy and Paste applications are a very popular utility category. They allow you to easily deal with a lot of copy and pastes that for the lowly, single clipboard would be challenging. It should not however, be forgotten though that the clipboard was quite the innovation in it’s day.

Paste is not Just Another Copy and Paste Program

Paste MAS 1
One could rightly ask what makes this any different than any other copy and paste program and rightly so. The answer really rests in the sheer volume of pastes it can handle, regardless of how impracticable anything is beyond a point.

That is, there’s a point where the pastes make not a lot of sense simply due to memory. Yet, if you have a job say that very same day that requires numerous manipulation of text, Paste could be the very answer for you due to the sheer volume of what it can handle.

Paste can be without Limits

Paste search
Paste can be set to have no bounds. If you’re working on something major this kind of program an be very nice. The lack of limits means you can handle a project in a single shot. Further, you can handle it in one straight run something which encourages productivity.

The downside though is you could wear out a bit doing everything in one breath. Rather than trying to do this, I would suggest you need to pace yourself. You can take a breather, relax, sit and think about what you had in mind and then get back to it. This pacing yourself will bring balance back so you don’t feel like your little enhancer is over enhancing.

Paste to Wrap things Up

Paste sharing
All our projects today can do with a little assist to make life easier. A few seconds here and there can add up into a bit of time by the end of the year. Paste is like any other cut and paste app except that it is very visual and can be a bottomless pit. In fact, to have a full history of everything you’ve cut and pasted might not be a bad thing. It would lend itself to great context.

I think it useful that if a tool comes a long that is visually pleasant to work with, enhances things even by a few seconds its worth a look. Every little second can definitely make a difference over a broad swathe of time.

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