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A Fresh Look: A “New” Name

by Kerry Dawson

Over the last while, you might have noticed some fairly substantial changes to our group of sites. The group started off as:

  • The Mac View
  • The Daily Mac View

We first began enhancing the sites with a wider diversity of content of which we still need to do some work to get users to take advantage of.

We then began to change the look and the feel of the sites substantially using the new HTML5 standards and more so to provide both a more pleasing view but also a site that was easier to work with.

Finally, we added a completely new site to our mix “Tech Today Review” which allows us to look at the whole gamut of technologies affecting the way we live, work and have fun. These technologies go beyond the bounds of the Apple environs but much if not a great deal has to be accredited to Apple for their pioneering work and making once almost impossible technologies to exploit usable. Apple Pay and The New AppleTV stand highly in this regard and will have profound sociological effects.

The one site we did extensive background and foreground work on was the Mac View, sort of our site that glues things together. Although the waters were choppy in making a change of this nature we changed the sites name to the “New Mac View” to reflect all the newness that is happening around us. I truly hope this change hasn’t be as rocky as it turned out but the benefits will prove themselves I’m sure.

So now, rather than starting out or going to themacview.com, we’d ask you to go to the “newmacview.com” where you will find all of our historical data and the data to come.

Exciting Yes; Enjoyable a Definite

What has been happening to us with technology has been very exciting through the years. It is our belief though that the next five years are going to set a stunning course. Technology, which is already ever pervasive will prove to be astounding pervasive and will exist almost at every level or in every facet of our lives.

Let’s just look at AppleTV and Apple Pay. The reason I highlight these two in particular as what is happening here is completely new. AppleTV will change the way you watch TV and you could choose to watch it under the new paradigm or better yet under the new. In the new, you will be able to choose to a significant finest exactly what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and where. However, your friends might participate in the change using a NAS to which you connect and watch something they have that you’ve been dying to watch for a long time.

The friend though might not be the traditional friend. It might be a vendor such as Streamnation, that is pioneering this work and allowing you to create you own libraries of videos etc that you can share with your friends. These are two friends but what if there were a coattail of friends you had that had NAS’ and each one tended to collect different things.

Although there might be the sound of complexity here, take that word out of equation and you have a whole new medium so to speak to watch content when you want, as you want and what you want. This is one step to a hugely digital world that is currently exploding around you.

Apple Pay

The model in which we use to pay for things and buy things has been in place for quite a few years. I say Apple Pay as it seems to be the first to break through the barrier of a virtual, digital payment system. This system will be all pervasive completely altering a societal function.

Eventually, none of this will be an if story but a when story. Societal models are breaking down and we’re seeing the tip of this. With time, we will be reviewing them in the history books. This is something either so exciting or so scary their both frustrating. Frustrating in the first regard as why can’t we have it yesterday. Frustrating in the second regard in that is there a way to permanently delay this.

The New Had to Be

In the end, I feel this will all be rather exciting and will not happen at any revolutionary pace but an evolutionary pace. In the second scenario, the operations of the system sort of sneak up on us and there they are. We’re using them or the next generation is. But in the case of many of these things, they are happening now. They are being deployed now. They have been in the labs for a long time but networking, systems diversity and costs have come to a point this is all possible.

So, check out the “newmacview.com.” It will continue what it’s been but also be the site, along with the others, the will bring you the NEW but from different angles and places.

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