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Ghostnote: A Little Gem of an App

by Kerry Dawson

A while back, Macworld started its Mac Gems, those small apps that stood out amongst the fray as especially worthwhiled. I certainly am not trying to copy their program in any way but was thinking that the odd application I come across is specifically a gem of an app. I thought it couldn’t hurt to add to the fray these little apps that might escape attention.


Ghostnote is one particular application that does just that. It rises above the fray and offers some specific capability of significant worth.

The sticky has always been a useful little investion to remind us to do something, what we want to do with something or just to provide a place to jot a note. The attempt to provide the virtual equivalent on the Mac has been far less than stellar until Ghostnote.

Some Tricks that allow it To Rise Above the Fray

Ghostnote can be considered an interesting combination of the sticky note with the component that was misssing previously; the ability to stick itself to an object with contextual relevance. That is, you can write a note and upon return to that very specific place you created your contextual gem, the note reappears much as a ghost can silently reappear where you left off.

The advantage of this is your information retains its consistency and you don’t loose those thoughts you were having at that point. In fact, you can write fair number of Ghostnotes and obtain from them a significant amount of information that is a better reflection of what you were thinking than anything you could have done via memory, notes in notebook or combination. Ghostnote puts your thoughts right in a specific place and their drawn back to that place retaining context,

Seeing is Believing

Before I saw this in action, I had a bit of a time visualizing exactly what was to go on. On the Ghostnote site is a video that is not only cute but it gets the message across well. Take a look at this and I suspect you will see how it could be very useful:

Ghostnote Finally Makes the Virtual Sticky Meaningful

Ghostnote is really a must have app. It is very inexpensive but capable of doing so much. There is no need to turn anything off when you use it and for the best experience it is best to visualize the info that you would like to get across. That such a little gem could prove to be so useful is difficult to immediately incorporate but the more you use it the more you find it very true.

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