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From Task Managment to Content Management

by Kerry Dawson

The Spectrum of Content Management

As important as is task management to the process of getting things done, there has to be content management to store that which is uncovered. At the DailyMacView, content management solutions have been covered off in past issues so that this valuable function doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s too important as decisions get made.

Think of the task manager as the funnel of activties that must be logically supported while content manager is your research to support the commitment of function. All of this function must be supported otherwise decisions chosen in the development of either a small or a large project not have referential territory to cover. One could say it could be done in the task manager via notes and this is true but only to a point,

Three Styles of Developing the Research

There are basically three major styles in the development of a document. These three styles I feel are best contained in Microsoft’s Onenote, which has a loose, unfettered approach to the collection of material. Then there is Evernote, which is more structured and can be further structured via Alternote, an app that sits on Evernote. Finally, there is the far more structured approach of DEVONthink, which remains useful to people who prefer a breakdown approach to the development of their material.

Style based on Personal Preference

One should choose their app depending on the style they feel most comfortable with. Some who like a slightly structured approach found in Evernote, would likely feel comfortable with the more structured approach of DEVONthink yet less so with Microsoft’s Onenote. Those who prefer a very loose style would lend themselves well to Microsoft’s Onenote.

The idea behind using these tools is primarily for referential reasons. As an example, what went into that decision, and further what impacted another decision. With these laid out when you need them, the guidepost of the TODO manager becomes also the reason for the path. If there is a change in course of thinking, then that change is going to be influenced by the parameters around it.

A Tool which naturally supports a Tool

When you choose a tool such as “The Hit List” for your task manager you should have a referential tool that supports it. It’s not necessary to have them blessed in the holy grail, but it is logical. Synergies can be drawn one to another. In the end, flow is established and flow can be very important. The logic of flow is hard to overcome and it shows.


Much has already been written about these intricaci’s of function at the DailyMacView. It far from hurts though to reinforce this as we move away from a potentially stagnant environment and more is based on synergy.

Further, as you develop positions for the more complex, it is important to have supporting documentation. To win the day often requires solid thinking and reserarch.

Not New but to be Reinforced

Although, as I formally stated, the thinking here is not new but it is thinking that needs to be reinforced. We are moving towards a time that is both more exciting yet complex. Regardless, when deployed to our users we want the outcome to be as easy as possible, flexible and yet solid.

User expectations need to be delivered with a dollop of reality. It is when the two end up out of alignment cynicism can set in leading to a collective depression. By working together, expectations in line with reality and the best tools to support the user in their undertakings, depression can be avoided. A well led project followed by supporting materials that enhance the choices ensures a positive outcome and progress.


The revisiting of this field at this juncture is crucial. Hurdles can be overcome but within realistic bounds. Tools to support one’s endeavours or that of a group will ensure progress. The tools are there, expectations align and projects based on a solid foundation will ensure the success of an endeavour. A lot has happened over a very short time and a lot can be expected to happen. To say this isn’t as foolish as it is exciting. Yet, it’s not for everyone only those that enjoy the challenge. This has always kept progress alive and will continue to do so.

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