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A Maintenance Routine: Our Changing Macs

by Kerry Dawson

I’ve written about doing maintenance work on your Mac and some of the helpful tools available to do this. However, I wrote about this as a positive activity to avoid trouble not a necessary activity. Now though, with the increasing complexity and power of our hardware and the size of our internal drives, maintenance is more a necessity now than a nice to do thing.

The Changes Propelling our Need for Change

One might ask, “What has changed, propelling this need to change” our habits to incorporate a maintenance routine. Alot! We are now a fully, interconnected society and with that comes some amazing benefits of the internet plus the pitfalls of being so interconnected.

The more we add into our systems, via applications, data and interconnectivty the greater the demands on our system. There are a slew of available maintenance tools for the Mac now many which have proven extremely valuable.

Rather than pour out this slew of tools though, I’m only going to present you with two tools that will keep your system very healthy. The problem with the tools industry for maintenance is that it has run wild with the popularity of the Mac. It’s easy to find these tools and if you run a gamut of them, it will not only be expensive but time consuming.

Develop a formidable Habit

In the use of the tools I am about to present, the key to success and for that manner sanity is to develop a simple but rigid routine which I’d say is useful to run twice a week unless something goes wrong.

The Tools for your Mac

There are two tools that I’ll present here that have proven both their effectiveness from ensuring your machine runs clean to recovering from a destabilzation. These two tools are:

  • Cocktail
  • Disk Warrior


Cocktail will ensure all your built in Mac tools are run and more. It will clean caches, the disk and ensure the integrity of the file system. This is not an expensive item but an easy to use, valuable tool.

Disk Warrior

Disk Warrior is considered to be exactly what it’s name implies. It is a powerful tool which will put you sick disk back together or even clean up something that is just starting to create.

Disk Warrior can be run say in advance of a problem to prevent problems from occuring or after a problem starts putting things back together. Although this is not an inexpensive tool, it is worth every penny. When your disk is heading south, anything that will correct the trajectory enough to either just keep the disk running as usual or replace the disk before it becomes not replaceable will appreciate its capabilities.

Disk Warrior tends to be the preferred tool to fix a poorly running disk or provide the time to get a new one in place. In reality, if a disk is extremely unstable, it is best to replace the disk instead of taking a chance and heading for disaster.

Tools a Plenty but …

There are plenty of disk maintenance tools for the Mac on the market these days however, all you need do is choose the most competent to keep your disk running up to snuff. I’d recommend against a panolopy of tools and go for 1 or 2 recommended, high quality tools to do the job.

For myself, I prefer Disk Warrior and Cocktail. There are other good ones, such as Techtools Pro, Drive Genius and Clean My Mac etc but for peace of mind I tend to go with the most highly recommended.

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