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Alfred 3 Has Just Arrived

by Kerry Dawson

Alfred 3 has Just Arrived

Alfred 3, the very popular utility software designed to improve your productivity, has just been released. Since it is so new, there isn’t a lot of material as of yet on the product. However, from a first glance view, the software appears to be dramatically improved and even has help files, something sorely missing in the original iterations of the program. The reason help is essential, is that although Alfred can dramatically improve your productivity and performance, it is not the simplest product in the world just to sit down with and figure out how to do something.

As in the Past there will be Galleries of Improvements

Alfred has been a very popular program almost from inception. One of the reasons to help this was that people often shared their macros allowing you to become productive immediately. Help was often to be found in the forums which often required dedicated people to learn the ins and outs of Alfred.

These programs could then be used as templates by others so they could create their own programs. Without this, I would say Alfred’s success would not have been so guaranteed.

Yet, with a cute name, a bowler hat and a program waiting to be tackled, it just took people with the right ingredients to tackle the system and create macros that others could either put to immediate use or learn from that of others to customize a macro to make it more to their liking. As such, Alfred and the people around Alfred are referred to as the Alfred community. Alfred’s big competitor was Launchbar but they tackle similar problem differently.

From Launchbar to Alfred

I was a Launchbar fan but in recent times I’ve been migrating more and more to Alfred. There are things about Launchbar I loved but Alfred, for some reason, became something more to my liking. I would say I was almost fully a Launchbar aficiondo but in recent times that has changed. What I’ve seen of Alfred 3 is it looks like a dynamite product. I would say this will convert me fully to Alfred thus freeing up resources, allowing me to learn the product more intricately and cementing me to something that will be like your right hand man.

I suspect with a little time, I should develop a lot more for Alfred. Doing this in such an intricate fashion will bring me fully into the Alfred community and I suspect add to my overall productivity. The product looks very nice and smartly put together. There’s documentation this time around which will make it easier for all to provide feedback and a more seemless experience for the end user.

After I’ve worked with Alfred 3, I’ll do a review on the full product. Currently, since it was just released I can only introduce it and say it looks very impressive.

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