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2do: A Program that can be Anything including GTD

by Kerry Dawson

2do: A Program that can be Anything including GTD

2do has always been one of those programs that touted its capabilities in terms of a wealth of power that could lend itself to any mode of operation. It definitely was a powerhouse that was as flexible as you wanted it to be. You could draw on its numerous capabilities or just have, more or less, a reminder system.

2do was a system that promoted itself to work the way you wanted to work. Flexibly and power was a keynote with the program. 2do actually shunned GTD due to the structure that it imposed. However, it was a program that could lend extremely well to being a GTD system. And GTD is a proven methodology now. Sometimes a structure is necessary to complete not only work tasks but tasks in general. Today we’re being pulled in many different directions all demanding our attention. However, we’re not great at remembering mo all these things but rather grasping something and working with it.

2do: A GTD Capable Program Now

In the current version of 2do they have made it, ostensibly enough, both a flexible program and one that is GTD capable. There’s the ever important in box, which leads to the assignment of individual tasks or tasks that relate to a project.

2do can easily have just one off tasks or a group tasks in a project. Further, you can assign tags to the tasks however it is valuable to think of these tags as contexts in GTD.

As can be seen, 2do is actually a very powerful GTD program. In fact, feature for feature, it probably has a lot more than Omnifocus. Omnifocus is a very powerful yet complex system to learn but once learned it is extremely powerful in your work with GTD. Omnifocus is not an easy program to learn but it’s worth it.

So too goes with 2do. It’s a powerful program with a lot of features to learn. Again though, the effort expended is well worth it in terms of the output. The more you work with the program the more you flow with the program and the difficulty becomes minimal.

A Choice that is Solid

I’m not going into too much detail in this article with respect to 2do other than to say you can’t go wrong with this program. It is very flexible and you can make it fit modes of productivity styles. However, it really is well designed to be a good GTD program.

What I am going to do is write an article that includes a few good GTD programs and 2do will be part of that article. Placed in context with these other programs we will see that 2do is a good GTD program plus just a good task management program.

More Attention is being paid to 2do as a GTD Management System

I am finding more attention is being paid to 2do as a GTD management system partly because the company embedded GTD into the system. For many, the overall flexibility of 2do to be what you want it to be is great. However, GTD is a well structured system for Getting Things Done and that’s important.

If there is too much freedom where it comes to your task management system or philosophy, it can lead to chaos. The structured GTD approach is not complicated but it is embedded in a sound methodology. It will do what it says; help you get things done.


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