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Customizing the Desktop with Living Weather HD


Living Weather HD icon

With our constant obsession around the weather, time and the look of our Mac Desktops, Living Weather HD makes for the perfect add-on. It not only tells us what the weather is and is going to be, it tells us the time and most fascinating of all, it displays Live Video of Weather on the desktop that approximates the projected weather. Many of the scenes are quite beautiful and very relaxing. As for memory, it is very efficient and once cannot call this a memory hog.

Focus by a soothing Background

Image living weather

Weather HD also assists with getting work done. It’s soothing images are often calm and peaceful both of which are conducive to effective work management. Plus, it’s not just like you sit around and manage your time. The relaxing environment promotes work within it.

Although a background like this might seem peculiar in some ways, it is very functional. Work life has become too stressed out and stress is counterproductive to getting things done. The reduction in stress actually works to increasing productivity.

Could Consider this as GTD in Scope

Image supporting GTD
Although this might seem at first glance a little counterintuitive to the Getting Things done Model, it actually is far from it. Some of the central and peripheral themes in GTD are:

  • Focus
  • Distraction Free
  • Reduced Stressed
  • leading enhanced productivity

So even by adding a tool that is pleasant to work in and reduces stress, it likely has the effect of increasing productivity. Increased productivity does not necessarily have to be stressful. It tends to decrease stress as does the GTD model and these are the things we need concentrate on for our mental and physical health.

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