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Paste v2: A Very Nice Upgrade

by Kerry Dawson


Recently, I reviewed a new program Paste that is much more than its name implies. Although there are a number of Copy and Paste programs that store a range of your copied material, Paste goes a few steps further. In Paste, anything you copy can be pasted back as far back as you started copying can be pasted back. Paste is not limited in what it can store. In some ways, you might call this a database of your text.

This database of text, so to speak, adds tremendous flexibility to your work. As an example, say your copy and paste program holds 100 items. Now it begins to rotate items out. However, you get to something and a piece of text you copied a 150 items back or so would be ideal for this spot you need to enter text. Enter Paste. With its limitless boundaries to the amount of text you can store, the item will be there ready for reuse and even reuse further down the line if its called for. The search function is so fast, there’s no issue there. The end result is enhanced productivity with the reduced likelihood of errors.

In this article, I’d like to bring you up to date with the most recent version of Paste, v2, which has just been launched.

A v1 Product often needs some Smoothing of the Rough Edges

Paste v2 does exactly that. The program is an absolutely fantastic program to assist with working with text but there were a few rough edges. The first thing you will notice in v2 is the presentation of copied text. It is now presented in a very clean and crisp fashion and pops to on the screen. No longer is it sort of dimmed in the screen at the base. It remains in the base but stands right out making it far easier to choose the text you want to copy.

Paste v2 review

This improvement alone speaks for itself. The upgrade provides a simpler, more robust and fun interface to work with. Yet, version 2 of the application brings some other nice enhancements which makes working with copied text all the easier.

Paste is a Must Have Product

One of the very interesting things about Paste is that the text you copy is limitless in its storage capacity. This brings you to a whole new place when you compare Paste to Copy and Paste programs. You can think of Paste as creating a database of text that you found useful enough to copy and paste the item in the first place. However, since it is limitless, should you loose the info by accident or some other means, you can do a very quick search in Paste and find the item again easily.

Once I got used to Paste, I would still use my copy and paste programs but I always slowly started migrating to Paste for my primary functions along with secondary I latched onto right away. In fact, I now had to have Paste. It provided me with yet another layer of protection against accidental loss of information. Although what I wanted might not have been copied, then again it might have been also.

I quickly realized there was no downside to running Paste and quite the upside. Pair this with their helper application and Paste will paste the information right in the target area.

There are other cool things you can do with Paste but my overall favorite aspect of the program is the above. It’s delightful to work with, might bail you out of a sticky situation and certainly enhances your productivity. I have yet to find the program fail or make my computer unstable, something which is a definitive plus. For this and other aspects of the program I’ve addressed, Paste is one program/utility that will not see itself leaving my computer anytime soon if ever.

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