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The Interesting shift to Android and the iPhone SE


People with their smartphones

This title is based on articles related to the shift to Android in huge numbers and the observation both of what can be seen and is told by Service Providers of the massive flow of iPhone SE’s out their door. Interestingly, this is the one iPhone Apple provides no statistics on yet.

Why would an observation that sees Apple mixed with Android be in the same subject. One might be the one driver that would affect the two commonly when one considers how different they are. Price. They are both less expensive and in some cases significantly less expensive than the iPhone 6s series. Price is becoming a major driver again as the boomers start to retire and the millennials have trouble finding work or are working in low paying jobs (at least for now).


Android HTC 10

I’ve been around for a while. I remember the days when all you seemed to see was the Palm Pilot. Followed by that was the BlackBerry and then the iPhone which basically sank BlackBerry. Now, although I used to see some Androids in the past I’m seeing a lot. Granted, this is subjective observation but it is held up by fact data. It is not like the iPhone has disappeared as did the BlackBerry and although they remain very prominent it is more that you just see Android phones in more observable numbers.

I think there are likely a few factors that is driving this such as the openness of the Android to make it more personal, the variety of handsets available but chiefly I would think it would be the more reasonable price point. With the changes in the nature of the demographic profile of both the millennials (entering the workforce) and the boomers (leaving the workforce) the pressure to count pennies, so to speak, has become more pronounced.

iPhone 5SE

Iphone se

This is an iPhone 6 class quality phone in sheets clothing. All the internal specs of the SE are the same as the 6 series of phones without the huge price tag. For a variety of reasons, the 5 class phone with the 6 specs probably holds importance again for different reasons but likely the price tag would be the biggest driver. The SE is between $300 and $400 cheaper than its bigger sibling.

The 5SE is also truly a pocketable phone; light in weight but beautiful in coInstruction quality and it is easy for even the smallest handed to handle a long conversation. This of course begs of the battery but people with iPhones have gotten very used to dealing with the short battery issues. A whole infrastructure was built around this very problem which still exists.

Cross Platform

Man with any kind of smartphone

Finally, it is the contention of this writer, that the integrated systems we have sought for so long or what can be simply called cross platform is blossoming. More of the software that was available in the Mac environment and the reverse being true also is now turning up in both environments. You can operate in a primary Mac environment and integrate your Android platform easily into the Mac environment, sync’g and all.

In fact, the Mac is probably the best environment for compatibility of your Android than the PC. Yet, Nataya Sadella is opening the PC so environment so that all platforms will integrate with each other.

The day will arrive where this functionality is moot. Currently, there are three significant systems to be dealt with and other than Apple, the open approach is winning the day. That said, even Apple is opening some of its environments making cross platform a reality. I can control my Apple TV with my Android as well as I can with my Apple handheld.

This is what teams require. With the explosion of BYOD you can’t assume everyone will turn up for a meeting around a project with the same handheld. Yet, the people in the meeting need access to the same data. This is the critical element and the true driver of costs. If people don’t have access to the same data, the team can’t possibly be effective. Office 365, from Microsoft, is turning out to be so successful, as it allows anyone no matter what the device to access information. On the other hand, a critical piece of software many a Mac user has grown accustomed to using, Omnifocus is only cross platform due to a third party who wrote cross platform code. Yet, it should be Omni embracing this trend; recognizing its role that might be played out in a team; left to wither.

There will be winners and losers and if anything time has told us in tech, trends can change fast and those that role with the trends survive. There is a vast graveyard of companies that at one time lived as if they were impenetrable only to find themselves left by the wayside. Hopefully, this important trend will be adopted fast by the important players thus making life simpler for all concerned.

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