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The iPhone SE: Incredibly Potent at a Decent Price

by Kerry Dawson

Iphone se

One of the most significant complaints about the iPhone these days is it’s price. Compared to a comparably equipped Android, there is no comparison. You will get a more powerful Android, fully decked out, for less money. This doesn’t though always translate into the fastest at the moment however, as the software gets more complex an octal core Android will be more capable at running advanced software than would be the dual core iPhone.

Everything is Measured against the iPhone

Tortoise and hare
Oddly enough, everything is measured against the top end iPhone 6s. It basically is a speed demon. The look and the build quality is hard to beat so it is and remains the point for comparison.

In the Case of the iPhone SE

So too do you measure the iPhone of the past against the iPhone of today. However, in this case, when measuring the iPhone SE against the 6s, there is seriously no difference except for:

  • it’s lighter
  • it’s smaller, easily fitting in your hand and pocket
  • it’s as fast as the 6s since it uses the exact same power of the 6s
  • the screen though smaller retains the beauty the iPhone is known for
  • it has a beautiful form factor and color delineation on the body however this is a matter of taste
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s cheaper and by quite the margin

Price Comparison

Currency compared

Considering this is basically a top end smartphone but can be acquired at a significantly better price it is selling very well for Apple. Comparing the phones, we see that:

  • basically the primary difference in the 6s and SE is screen size
  • And of course price (the SE is approximately $300 less than the 6s for a unit that has the same horse power
  • The SE form factor remains very popular as it is a beautifully designed phone
  • However, Apple probably is not likely loosing any fortune on this phone as it’s fixed design costs would have been covered years ago

A Happy Consumer but a Concerned Vendor

The SE kind of dropped in Apple’s lap. It was a well tested design spiffed up with a bunch of extra horsepower. It was what many consumers were looking for – an up to date iPhone but at a far more reasonable price.

I’ve mentioned in the past that Apple seems to have themselves in the unfortunate position of churning products created by Steve Jobs. He had a rare knack for being able to put together technical product the consumer wanted or at least wanted once he came a long. It was hard not to be influenced by Job’s incredible vision.

Yet, what does Apple do next. They must keep the cost of the iPhone within certain bounds as it is impossible to envision this device continuing to spiral up while other things that manage data hold their own or continue to go down. The iPhone can continue to sport a greater cost but it only goes so far.

Today’s young consumer was basically born with this technology. They don’t have to be wiz’s to use it and they are comfortable with high powered units that are not as simple to use as the iPhone. Having grown up with this equipment, it is the way they operate.

The SE Proves there is Great Potential and Limits

Those companies that will do well in what can be considered the second wave of the information economy are those who understand what the iPhone SE has shown us. It is always wise to be ahead of curve rather than trailing it.

Apple’s success with the Smartphone came at a time when the consumer was crying for something that was easier to use than the Palms and BlackBerrys of the day. The success of the device not only saved Apple but made it a wealthy company. This wealth will allow it to leverage a lot of what it has as long as this is realized.

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