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Waiting for the iPhone 8 or Going for the 7

by Kerry Dawson

Iphone 7

As usual, as we get closer to Apple’s fall release date of new products, the rumour mill is moving hot and heavy. What’s somewhat different about this year is that the discussion is more on whether the iPhone 7 is worth upgrading too or to put it more certainly an immeidate upgrade. In some ways this rumour mill is more complex than many and in others it is simpler. I’m going to keep it fairly simple and reference you to a more elaborate article.

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If you Need a New Phone, You need a New Phone

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I’m going to make a recommendation here. First, let’s assume that there is going to be an iPhone 7. Secondly, everyone generally needs a new phone at a point. If you’re heading off to buy a phone which you’d do regardless of the launch of new products I’d buy:

  • an iPhone SE if you want to have a high performing phone at a rerasonable price
  • if you want something that has a bit more screen real estate yet still need to economize to a degree getting a 6s will save you a few bucks
  • If neither of the above applies you might as well get an iPhone 7 but don’t expect to be blown away

If the iPhone 7 is going to be like the 6s it will be expensive; very expensive for what you’re really getting but some people don’t seem to care

What about the scenario In which You Already have a good Phone

This scenario would see you holding a current iPhone 6s. If you have an SE you likely just got it and if so and you like the form factor don’t throw away a good phone for insanity pricing.

So that leaves only the 6s category and if we can assume the rumour mill is right about the 7 there simply is no need to switch to a 7. The 7, for all intents and purpose supposedly looks just like a 6s. However, there’s a bit of a scary rumour in that Apple is going to remove the head phone jack and make it a part of the new USB-C charger.

Woz, the cofounder of Apple has said that “If it’s missing the 3.5mm earphone jack, that’s going to tick off a lot of people,” Woz told the Review”. This debate is taking on major proportions as a lot of people have quite a bit of money invested in high earphones and converters often are prone to failure etc.

The iPhone 7 supposedly will stay with the same screen technology, possibly a suitable reason to think about change if it went to an Amoled display but if it only a jazzed up 6s and you love music, is it worth the risk on an adapter. Even if the phone is a bit faster it is already blazingly fast. No, the iPhone 8 is worth waiting for in this scenario as it is to have an Amoled display and many could ready themselves for the change in the jack.

All the above assumes it is Apple all the Way


As long as you’re thinking Apple all the way, then the above perfectly applies. However, if you steer towards Android, this is a real game changer. Many Android phones have Amoled displays and are committed to the current jack.
They are also tremendously powerful with Octa-core chips.

The Apple scenario alone makes this all too complex so we’ll just stay with that. That said, it is probably wise to leave well enough alone and wait for the iPhone 8 unless you need a new phone. The 7 would be a pure waste of money if you have a good 6s.

In the following article, it outlines the ins and outs of this decision well. Titled “Woz doesn’t want Apple to remove headphone jack for iPhone 7″ at all. Well said.

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