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Apple: What’s it Become After Steve Job’s Untimely Departure from this World

by Kerry Dawson

Apple, for us, the consumer, is not the company it used to be under Steve Jobs. Job’s had that wonderful technical, visionary acumen coupled with a profound sense of purpose to make a difference and he did. Job’s was Apple. He lived and breathed it till the point you didn’t know nor wonder if he had a personal life or what it was. Driven to produce the best, he brought genius to the company and it shows in our every day lives. His products were not only life changing, they were societal changing. They harkened in a new way of accomplishing the old yet with something almost if not fun to use.

Many wondered what would become of Apple after Job’s was no longer around. He reveled in the company he built from scratch, first with Wozniak and later, as it grew, into the healthy company it had become. Apple and the products it produced were a marvel to behold in the 21st century.

When Job’s left Apple in the 80’s, having been betrayed by John Sculley, he returned years later, in the late 90’s, to find his company was about to go under. Job’s was just not a technical visionary but he has proven to be one of the greatest businessmen of current times. He brought Apple back from the brink and those that followed him became known as fan boy’s, not a name to be ashamed of.

As History Repeats Itself

The products that we buy from Apple, that we know and love all have the markings of Steve Job’s on them. They have been churned to death but in reality, they are the same products Jobs introduced. As more pundits question Apple, their thinking, values, innovative capability and technical acumen, this is exactly what should be done. The reason; what people were worrying about with the loss of Job’s is becoming a reality.

Not the Company it once Was

Apple is in a decay that is strange. With so much laid down at it’s feet, one would think the ability to march forward on an honest ground would be more than plausible. Yet, Apple has turned to the old art of fooling the people to make sure everyone is aware of what? That Tim Cook deserves a $78 million salary for what he hasn’t produced. It’s so clear he’s produced nothing and does the company mean to him what it meant to Steve Job’s. Reality and truth are the arbiters of that answer and it is a clear no. He’s produced nothing except the disaster of the Mac Pro, iWatch which no wants and of course, lots of churn.

Distortion Reality

The attempt to get you to perceive something other than what it is becomes “reality distortion” a phrase aptly named at Apple in 1981 to describe Steve Jobs, or “distortion reality.” For the purposes of this article I prefer the term “Distortion Reality”. Theoretically there’s little difference and the effect can be quite profound in getting you to purchase something you only think is true. The damage from this is multi-faceted and goes far beyond the scope of this article. However, Distortion Reality is a defense mechanism deployed when under great scrutiny and fear.

Do You Really believe that ….

Do you really believe that the world would fall apart without Apple. Clearly, look at Tim Cook and the distortion will start to dissipate. Distortion Reality is intended to make you believe in the irrational; frighten you so that you’re ability to grasp the truth is terrifying. Yet, it is the grasping of truth that will set you free, make you feel hopeful and allow you to put a rational plan in place that won’t physically bankrupt the company.

Is Apple the same, a Variant of Itself or a Decaying Wasteland hopeful for the Fanboi’s of Past

Clearly, something is very different about Apple. The people you engage at Apple are more defensive. The company, which is awash in cash, you’d think was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. The honoring of an agreement, although arguably there, seems one sided. And if something can’t be explained, it’s the third party developer’s fault. These are the guys that made Apple great and now seem to be the focus of derision. Rather though, it goes farther in that you are really the one at fault as you have chosen to use a third party product.

Is this Steve Job’s Apple, one that was clearly delighted in the collective wisdom of developers to write code or products to run natively on Apple products. Which is it. An Apple that distorts reality to meet their end goals. ‘

Then there’s you, the consumer or end user, once inspired to be a part of this evolution or revolution only to find yourself at fault for your product’s poor performance as it is a third party product at fault. Bewildered, frustrated, confused and yes even angry you contemplate the unthinkable; the return to the competitions products.

There’s only some semblance left that this is Steve Job’s Apple, the company you were passionate about. However, with forthrightness and the willingness to put a step in front of the other, as Rome was rebuilt so too can Apple start to lay new building blocks. In the tech industry you have to have the capacity to move fast to the vagaries of rapid change. As this article points out “Here’s how dramatic BlackBerry’s fall has actually been” A lack of willingness to embrace this kind of rapid change has led to the demise of companies and as in the case of Blackberry a state in which you’re leaning against the brink far too often.

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