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Apple’s Fall 2016 Product Presentation: The Good, Bad and Disappointing

by Kerry Dawson

Apple’s fall presentation went off without a hitch however, again it was very ho-hum. The enthusiasm and energy that once filled the auditorium just wasn’t there. The presenters could at least iron their shirts or certainly Phil Schiller could make an attempt. I guess getting paid in the millions of dollars doesn’t warrant the need to look presentable.

Putting that aside, any enthusiasm that might have existed with the presenters and that includes Tim Cook himself was so lame I had to keep asking myself who’s the who here that just seemed to see the whole thing as a bother. Maybe that’s what just naturally occurs when you get so big there seems little point in putting out some effort. Yet, the people in audience probably wouldn’t have been of this mindset. They are the people, individually that made Apple, along with its loyal patrons, the large company it is. Finally, it really was Steve Jobs that revved the engines and got everyone excited. Now we’re left with a bunch of guys all ready for the, of course, high end nursing home.

The Good

There’s no question though, that Apple is doing some things incredibly well. They had to start with a retrospective of a 5 week old iPhone 7 though. The iPhone 7 looks good the but that lack of a jack is so annoying. I always forget to take the adapter and thus go music-less. For that reason, my HTC 10 goes with me everywhere so I can listen to some music. The irony of this is, Apple defined modern music and the way we listen to it. Someone forgot though that we still like listening to music and music that sounds good. When the standards body comes out and says that Bluetooth is ready for that role, I might buy a bluetooth headset.

The AppleTV has such Tremendous Potential

So although I wasn’t knocked out by this part of the presentation, the piece on the AppleTV really did get my attention. This is where Apple could do well if it were to focus on what they already have but have not even begun to take advantage of it. People are ready for TV, at a reasonable price, on their own grounds with content they like to watch.

Apple is defining the future of TV as apps and nothing could be more flexible. They currently have 8000 apps on the store with more to come. They are still working on their own prime rollout of stations which would provide them with a new revenue stream and sell more boxes to watch the shows.

The AppleTV has tremendous potential which Apple has only scratched the surface of the device. With attention, this could be a real winner.

MacBook Pro’s

This group of machines got a tremendous deal of attention which is a good thing. The company was founded on its computers and people love them. Built extremely well, they are a delight to use. However, only the portable received a great deal of attention.

The portable changes were all highly regarded. Maintaining the same form factor, Apple decreased the weight and size/volume of the devices while greatly enhancing their power. They now use a new touch bar to add capabilities by changing their functions for different factors. This is a nice evolutionary change which brings Apple back to its core with computers for others to envy.

Mac Pro, iMac and Mini left Out

Probably the biggest disappointment was a lack of an upgrade route for the Mac Pro. This is Apple’s high end product that from all appearances seems to not be doing well in the market.

It could have used a major rethink along with a lot of dynamite hardware. At its time of inception it could have been more heavily powered. The design was unique and ultra trendy but it wasn’t the most practical design externalizing all cords making for a bit of a jungle.

A times files couldn’t be found, it would seem unstable and it was pieced together by what at one time was contained in a compartment making everything neat and tidy. The new Mac Pro did anything it could to prevent this. Overall, it had to be viewed as a disappointment and thus in great need of an update.

The iMac

The iMac is a gem in Apple’s lineup. A well designed and powerful computer it actually outperforms the Mac Pro in certain tests. It’s all in one design has stood the test of time.

However, the device could have used an overall performance hike. Memory should have been at least doubled and the device should maintain its excellent 5k screen resolution. Adding as powerful a processor as it can handle would represent a great step between the iMac and redesigned Mac Pro. The iMac is an Apple winner and a winner for writers, graphic artists and designers alike.

The Mac Pro is still needed for that very high end of the market segment but the iMac could go a long way in filling much of that void.

Apple is suffering from Success Fatigue

It seems to me that Apple’s largess is wreaking havoc on the company’s enthusiasm. I read an article about whether Jobs would be happy with the current state of affairs with the present Apple and he no doubt would be very disappointed.

It is when one takes a retrospective glance at the company that was beloved by many and still is but now it’s different; it is a longing for the company that was than a love for the company that is. It is unbounded hope that can only disappoint. A day many come where the hope and enthusiasm will return but it most assuredly won’t with the current lot of leaders unless one can step forward and say what we know needs saying; wake up!!!!!!!! It’s time to go back to work.

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