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Productivity Enhanced with a Clipboard Manager

by Kerry Dawson

In the course of writing, we attempt to improve what we do and take the tedium out of it by utilizing tools that assist with the writing process. Clipboard managers work decisively to speed a long our writing, decrease errors and make the whole writing process just a little more enjoyable. In no way are they cheating or skirting good writing. That has to exist as a precursor to the writing process but there is nothing more valuable than a tool that types out words we repeatedly use, reduce mistakes and enhances flow.

The Clipboard was a Revolutionary Invention

When the clipboard capturing tool was created and deployed to assist with the writing process it was seen not just as a simple aid to enhance our flow but something which reduced errors, tedium and the overall flow in the writing process. Flow is essential to good writing. However, in order to have this, you have to be a good writer in the first place. There is no tool that will get around this first of requirements. A good writer can do without the tool, yet the tool just helps the writer write. It reduces exhaustion, enhances flow and simply makes the process at least a bit simpler by reducing errors, increasing output etc. Fortunately, for the Mac, there are a number of clipboard tools and as with anything some better than the others.

The Tools

I’m going to say, right up front, that not all tools are created equally. There really are just two sets of tools to concern ourselves with: the tools that are part of a larger application may be hampered a result. They are still better than nothing but they can also cause damage if you don’t handle them appropriately.

These tools can be add-ons to the primary purpose of the app so you basically are flying blind or close enough to it. They can be complex as they are part of a larger set full of issues specific to the app.

To put it bluntly, these apps will work but I much prefer the dedicated app for this function. If something isn’t right it’s easier to pinpoint the problem. Further, a dedicated app generally has a greater range of functions. Simply, you can do more with them.

Part of a larger Toolset

There are Clipboard Managers that are part of a larger toolset. The following are examples of these and may perfectly fit your needs:

  • Lauchbar
  • Alfred
  • Keyboard Maestro
  • Grammarian
  • And I’m sure there are more

These products all work but their functionality is limited. If your limited in memory or your needs are relatively basic, these can all fill the bill fine. I particularly like Launchbar and Keyboard Maestro in the above set for providing an easy to use but very effective approach.

Clipboard Managers that are only Clipboard Managers

These are apps unto themselves. Although they range in functionality they all tend to go a step beyond the former clipboard managers. Some are, in fact, extremely robust.

The include such managers as:

Of these I like iClipboard and Copy-em Paste. They tend to be a little more expensive than the others but provide a lot more functionality. However, if you already have something like Keyboard Maestro you might want to see if this can do the job for you.

Productivity Can be Improved via a Simple Utility

Simply by using a Clipboard Manager, be it one that is part of a toolset like Keyboard Maestro or a dedicated Clipboard Manager, you can improve your productivity. The key to doing this is to use it; to learn, remember and use your shortcuts to invoke the typing of a word or phrase or even fill in a form.

At first you need to spend some time getting onto this new routine, but the payback is rewarding as it reduces tedium, errors and gets your words out faster. Choose a manager that a suits you. If the first one feels awkward, find one that you enjoy using. This small investment in time and money comes with it positive benefits that can work for you for a long time.

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