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Tech Geeks; Tech Gadgets; Tech Spending

by Kerry Dawson

The information based economy that we’re in must love the Tech Geeks for a variety of reasons. One though stands out from the crop. Tech Geeks love their tech gadgets. With that though comes tech spending and if ordinary spending was X, tech geek spending isn’t Y but it’s Z. Tech geeks buy a lot of tech products which translates into higher than normal spending.


To do this though the Tech Geek needs to somehow justify the expenditure. I’m buying such and such to support my friend and show him how to use it so what does it matter if it costs money. The Tech Geek can have at the end of the year total costs to his charge account that doesn’t seem anywhere in the ballpark of what he though he’d spend. Because there are so many items, he or she will have problems figuring out what exactly it amounts to but when they do their stomach sinks.

Tech Geeks careers often Involve Tech

The tech geek often finds themselves in the fortunate place of relying on their technology for their living. Since they know the stuff so well they naturally migrate to a career in tech such as a writer, the tech in charge at a company and on it goes.

For this kind of tech geek, their spending is necessary to accomplish their job. However, for many, it is not. They might find themselves in the unenviable position of tech poor. Spending not controlled by ordinary parameters can often lead to impoverishment. What to do as it might affect family, friendships etc. In a way, it almost sounds like an addictive crisis.

Addiction or Rationality

The term addiction is bandied about more than a basketball on a favourable night. One has to wonder whether the word or term addiction has any meaning anymore in a society that covets consumption and wealth. Who is at fault. The individual, society or no one. Society likely with all its messages about the wonders of technology, the downside of not using it and being left behind and just pure human natured greed.

For many tech geeks their tech exploitation is rational it comes about as a result of a real need. For the rest, the answer to the problem might be to channel it into the same outcome as the tech rational. This isn’t always easy as society, imploring us to be less than mindful of tech Geekism, doesn’t always have a place for the well heeled tech geek. There is nothing for him to do other than to play.

However, the debt must be managed somehow. This is the problem. The solution is far from simple. Addiction recovery programs have almost proved themselves useless to harmful (no one talks about the harmful due to the self incriminating aspects it puts anyone that exists in the exploitative human greed role). Possibly the banks should go to rehab for their covert role in giving people too much credit. Regardless, it’s a problem.

Where there’s a Problem there’s a Solution

The first thing to do about a problem is to recognize it and accept the problem. From there, one can attempt to apply a solution such as forcing yourself to spend less, which likely won’t work, or find something that employs the skills you have to make compensating money. Accept the fact there is exploitation by the tech industry which tries to make you think there is something magical about this tech and there isn’t except if you drop your Smartphone off an 85 story building and it survives due to the power of the case and screen protector.

Whatever you do, just believe in one thing and that is yourself and there is a solution. To sustain yourself through much of this nonsense is called the “the survival instinct.

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