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DEVONthink to Go 2 Places DEVONthink back in the Game

by Kerry Dawson

It seems these days, that no matter where you go, Evernote is there. Youtube is awash with the wonders of Evernote. There are so many articles on Evernote you would think it’s the only note-taker on the planet worth anything. However, that’s only an illusion.

There are lots of good note takers:

  • Nimbus Notes
  • NoteSmartly
  • Simple Note
  • And on it goes

There is no question, Evernote is a good program. It is fully cross platform and if you need this, this is likely the program to get although Nimbus Notes gives Evernote somewhat of a good run for its money.

And talking about money, Evernote has pulled a bit of a fast one. Once the Note-taker of students, creative people, researchers etc who tend to have to watch their spending, Evernote’s new pricing, if you use it to any degree which all the above people would has gotten very expensive on a year over year basis. So much so, that long, die hard, Evernote people the likes of Don Mcallister of Screencasts online has decided to go searching. Mike Dotto of DottoTech is completely non-plussed and for many they will have to drop the program as the basics cannot really fill any note-takers needs.

However, if you drop Evernote, what do you do. I have long held that this move by many software manufacturers to the subscription based model will come back to bite them hard where it hurts. That’s because, few can afford more than a handful of subscription based programs without their costs running out of control.

There is an Alternative: DEVONthink Pro Office with DEVONthink to Go 2

I have written extensively about DEVONthink Pro Office in the past. There has always been an alternative and a much better choice to Evernote than the programs I mentioned above. However, DEVONthink fell out of lockstep with dramatic changes in the Information Systems market but that has been corrected.

DEVONthink Pro Office is not only a powerful Information Manager in which you can fully create your Paperless Office, manage every piece of information on your computer and on it goes but it is a powerful Knowledge Based manager to boot. As a Knowledge Manager or creator it takes a major step beyond the capabilities of Evernote which can be said to be a powerful Information based manager but even on this front it cannot compete with DEVONthink which can index your entire hard drive and place your material in either one comprehensive database or a slew of specific databases.

Marching to the Pied Piper

I indicated in the previous section, that “DEVONthink fell out of lockstep with dramatic changes in the Information Systems market” which put the product at a severe disadvantage. Two very solid activities were coming together that are heralding in the second wave of the technology revolution. With this though, we can use the metaphor of the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading the fold out of harms way. As in that case, DEVONtechnologies grasped the significance of the changes ensuing and went to work.

For one of these changes to happen though it depended on the other which was the maturation of the cloud environment. Most specifically, the cloud has revolutionized the second wave of the technology revolution. Prior to the cloud many things were simply not possible. With the rapid maturation of the cloud market, it liberated an industry in rapid growth yet stymied by systems that allowed information to flow freely.

The second major factor evolving at the same time was mobility. People no longer wanted their information locked back in their office. They needed the information with them as they worked through their day. There were techniques for creating a kind of portability, but in the beginning with the advent of the PDA it was very disjointed and manual. Time brought proprietary closed solutions which were somewhat workable but the catch phrase here is somewhat workable. It was the cloud that has fully liberated the information worker and allowed them to take their information with them (this is different than the addictive behavior of the addicted with their Smartphone glued to their noses seeing nothing in the world if it isn’t myopically presented through the gadget).

DEVONthink almost missed this boat. I fail to understand this but by the time they were beginning to recognize the power of the cloud, the information revolution was running away from them. Their information was chaotically portable at best. For most business’ and even individuals, this is unacceptable as it was the first crumbling of a powerful knowledge based management system.

With the Introduction of DEVONthink to Go 2 this Has All Changed

DEVONthink is not only back in the game but their back in the game at exactly the right time. DTTG2 is a modern, fully cloud based system which allows you to take the power of the information wrapped in the desktop system reliably with you where ever you are and when ever. I have tested the system extensively, and for such a complicated product as DEVONthink it works incredibly well.

DTTG2, as I said, has come along at just the right time. With this trend towards subscription based models, info tech is becoming unreasonably expensive. DEVONthink brings a major advantage with it. You buy the software once and upgrade as you desire not yearly as a subscription model entails. However, DEVONthink tends to have numerous mini updates before a major update so you can get quite the run from the product before you even need to think of upgrading.

If DTTG2 had not come along, people would not be able to do their work in this second info tech revolution. To do our work, we would be slaves to the big conglomerate that excels at sucking every dime out of its victims as it can. The return of DEVONthink to viability is a heartening relief. This is the only product that can really fill the void of an Evernote. It’s Evernote’s real competitor, not Microsoft’s OneNote or other note type products. This is a powerhouse product, influenced by an AI engine that makes search results relevant quickly along with the filing of notes in the appropriate folders. What we are talking here is a return to a period of intelligence enhanced by the software tool not just a tool to repeat information for posterity’s sake.

DEVONthink’s Return; the Return of a Product Sorely Needed

DTTG2 is probably the best thing that has happened with DEVONthink in a very long while. My earlier writings about the product stand again. I could not say that when the product lost its way in a Cloud unfolding world.

Rather than writing an article of great length, I can honestly say that DEVONthink’s return is a just in time scenario both for the product and for the consumer who needs choice.

There is a place for the Evernotes and OneNotes of this world but they serve a narrower function than DEVONthink. There is a product called Outliner by Gorillized Corp which is a very useful tool and can sync with OneNote. I particlularly like it as I like Outlining tools to structure my writing before I write it, to record notes more or less in a flowing, hierarchical fashion which allows for a different way of thinking about something.

However, this is not a DEVONthink and can’t replace DEVONthink. DEVONthink is a place you record your notes, compile your research and on it goes but it’s unique AI engine along with the way you can cross relate items allows for a new form of thinking about anything. This is what makes DEVONthink a knowledge manager rather than just an information manner as it works incredibly well for the creative person or the person that has to come up with new solutions to both old and new problems. It would be very difficult to accomplish in Evernote what you can accomplish in DEVONthink.

It is not necessarily the easiest product to learn but the question would be is it worth it and the answer is a resounding yes. You want your computer to be more than just a regurgitative machine. Rather, you want your computer to be a tool that assists in solving problems and can quickly get at relevant historical information that aids with solutions. DEVONthink can do that and now that this valuable information is mobile, so too is your solutions making capabilities.

The end result is worth the means by which to get there in this case. DTTG2 is just an assistive component that assures that the means entails a valuable end. It is definitely worth the time and the money and now more so than ever, as you know, you are fully mobile. DTTG2 helps in the compilation of data which leads to information and then knowledge which can only benefit your goal of reaching conclusions.

DEVONthink is a flexible product that can be:

  • simply your note taker
  • Research database
  • Information Manager
  • And when necessary a knowledge manager
  • It can ensure a grounded and rapid paperless office
  • the avoidance of mistakes
  • And the creation of new thinking
    • And so much more

DTTG2 works with a variety of cloud systems which avoids lock in and definitely cost effectiveness both in:

  • your capability to use the system of choice due to experience
    • Competition etc
    • And just where you want to be

As I said earlier, this is DEVONthink’s most major moment in advancement. Without it the product would have withered on the vine a tragic loss. You now have choice and the ability to work with something that could benefit majorily. The product isn’t for everyone but nothing is. What’s important is, is it right for you and if you benefit everyone benefits by your choice.

As ancillary parts of a GTD system, it ensures that not only will you get things done but you just might come up with something quite novel. The system works, you work and the world works just a little bit better.

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