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Mail Pilot has Disappeared but Why?


I was an early adopter of a product you might have heard about called Mail Pilot from Mindsense. An innovative email solution, it tended to address the problem with mail quite differently. Although it had a number of rough edges at the beginning, it was novel. It was also fairly efficient and the goal of getting you to inbox zero in good time was certainly doable.

Version 2

By version 2, a lot of the little kinks had been removed from Mail Pilot. These were the heady days of mail where a problem existed but figuring out what to do about it was challenging. Mindsense decided to look at mail quite differently. They really took a GTD like view of mail. They saw a mail item as a task and just as in GTD, the goal was to take care of the task efficiently and effectively.

Worked for Me

Except for a few rough edges, Mail Pilot worked for me. I could literally take care of my mail about twice as fast as I could do it with mail. Did anything fall through the cracks so to speak. I suspect so but I can’t recall any calamities. I just got through my mail and as such I put a pat expression on the problem that I was just a happy camper.

I got quite good using mail pilot. Items that you wanted me to do or consider were tasks and it was easy to convert them to my task manager.

There was both a Mac and IOS clients for IOS. Since I sit at my desk primarily, most of my mail is done there. I also didn’t use Mail Pilot solely. I sometimes used MailMate, Mail with add-ons and Microsoft Mail. However, the bulk of my mail was handled by Mail Pilot. The one thing Mail Pilot wasn’t that good at though was finding something. Yet, I always found I could find what I wanted using Infoclick or Mailmate.

A Sudden Realization: Where was Mail Pilot

I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to know where Mail Pilot was but I just did. After a lot of digging I sort of found it but on the App Store but more to the point I didn’t. It just wasn’t to be found.

Finally, after doing a lot of Google’s and coming up with just a bit of this and a bit of that, I decided to look in my mail box. I just did a simple query and sure enough I found it. Mail Pilot had been discontinued but Why? I’ve posed the question to the remnants of Mindsense, the company and if I get an answer I will be quick to pass it on.

A Good Product with the Right Ideas

Mail Pilot was the first of the mailing systems to break away from the Apple mold. Now they are a dime a dozen. I hope I’m not stepping anywhere I shouldn’t but it definitely is an interesting question.

I hope to come back to you, the reader, with an answer better than this. If and when I do I’ll be sure to elaborate on what made this such a unique product. It was good and definitely on the right track it’s just you can’t find it even if you wanted to. Maybe something can even be done about that.

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  1. I’d like to know what’s going on as well. I was on board since the first pre-launch both for Mac and iOS – and liked it. I moved on to try others as the 2 didn’t have what all the features I’d like for iOS, but it is (was?) still a good’n.
    Cheers, Dorthe

  2. I talk to Mindsense and they didn’t really explain why they sort of gave up on Mail Pilot. It seems they felt Throttle was the better solution to email overload. I’m not sure I agree. I don’t know if we’ll ever see Mail Pilot again but I still think it was a great client.

  3. After purchasing Mail Pilot for my mac and the version for my iPad I really liked the software. I found it useful. I found a bug when using my 4K display and decided to check for a newer version. To my surprise, I found Mail Pilot gone from the app store. Clicking on the link for mail pilot on the corporate website gave a broken link error (Although that is fixed now..) I never received an email informing me of the suspension of Mail Pilot. Throttle’s subscription concept is not something that I find attractive. What is going to prevent Mindsense from suspending support for that in a few months after we’ve given them our money?
    No thank you.

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