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The UnderPowered Mac Line of Computers

by Kerry Dawson

How did Apple let it happen. Was it almost an obsessive view of the iPhone only. Was it a lack of an experienced person at the top who just doesn’t get I.T. and you might ask what else? Or was it simply stupidity. The Mac loyalist will remain with us through thick and thin. Whatever the reason, there can be no denying that the Macbooks may maintain there aura of lustre but are dying under the hood.

All of this for More Money and Glitz

It’s a funny thing after Apple introduced their new lineup of computers; most specifically the Macbooks. They were touted with being, once again, the best of the best with their new, some would say what’s it all about alphie, Touchbar. They looked good. It sounded good to some and odd to others. Yet this was Apple. It had to be the best right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong.

There is no question these are the most expensive portable computers you can buy. They do look good. That is until you look at them and stack them up against the competitions line of computers which are the same price yet way more powerful or the same power for a lot less money.

For those that do work on their computers, as opposed to gaze at their beauty as Narcissist did at his shining pool, you suddenly get a sinking feeling you’ve been had. You have.

Let’s Start with the Most Glaring examples of Reality Distortion

In 1981 Bud Tribble of Apple coined the phrase Reality Distortion Field (RFD). Rooted from watching Steve Jobs, the Reality Distortion Field just presupposes that things are not exactly as they appear. Job’s was able to get away with this due to a number of factors, the most outstanding of which was pure genius coupled with competence. Job’s, somehow in the end, did deliver but the RFD might have been in full bloom as we went along for the ride.

Fast forward to the spring of 2013 and the introduction of the Mac Pro (the very same piece of junk that is available today on Apple’s shelves) when Phil Schiller announed the new, redesigned Mac Pro. His most infamous line was “and who says we can’t innovate”. History has done that well thank you very much for pointing that out.

Apple has now apologized for the poor design of the Mac Pro. Many a person, who has to put food on their table for the family, spent possibly $10,000 if not more for a very poor product marketed as the best thing since sliced bread. All the faults of the current Mac Pro (thermal regulation problems, stability, underperformance, inability to upgrade etc) are to be corrected in the upcoming Mac Pro that won’t happen till 2018. The current Mac Pro, that is on the shelf for you to buy is the same machine introduced in 2013. Yet, we are to wait possibly a year for …. And again might the RFD be in full swing.

You can buy a very capable PC or if need be a machine of workstation class capability today. Yet, many will hold off thinking nirvana is somehow just around the corner. Honesty could buy a lot of friends. Delivery of something that lives up to the hype even more so. However, those who have to get work done today are somehow supposed to wait a year.

The New Macbook Pro’s

It’s unfortunate. The common consensus is that the new Macbook Pro’s are nice looking machines with a number of positives. However, it is commonly accepted that they are underpowered and way overpriced. It’s expected at this years WWDC they will be updated probably with the Kaby Lake processor from Intel.

The MacBook Pro’s also sorely need more memory. At a minimum, they should be increased to a maximum of 32 gigs of RAM which is not excessive if you have to operate with either memory intensive programs or just a number of programs running.

WWDC this June 5 2017

WWDC can be a starting point wherein Apple refocuses their product vision so that not everything rests with the iPhone and measures the needs of their other long term customers. People use Macs not to have fun generally but to get work done. It is getting more difficult to do that. Memory along with other essential high end components are often necessary as the task becomes increasingly complex. The current lineup of computers just doesn’t cut this.

The Apple computer nor any Apple product for that matter is not cheap. With that said, Apple products should not be just inventive (and that’s wavering) but they should be top in their class power and design wise. They used to be.

Let’s hope at WWDC we see a new and renewed Apple focused on doing just that. Over reliance on the iPhone is dangerous. Selling inferior products for superior prices is foolhardy and something one wouldn’t expect from Apple.

WWDC could mark the beginning of their chance to turn it around. Here’s hoping.

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