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Things 3 is Here

by Kerry Dawson

After a very long wait, Things 3 has finally arrived. As in the past, this is a Mac only system and runs on OSX and IOS plus the Apple Watch. The new system is a massive undertaking in that it has been reworked from the ground up.

A Launch Introduction

This article is intended to coincide with the Launch hour (12pm EST) on May 18 2017. A full review will shortly follow. I thought I just wanted to have a brief introduction to the Launch of Things 3. It seems Things devotee’s have been waiting so long for this day and you have. We’re not talking months but years from the mention of the system to the actual day in which you could get your hands on something that holds to the original design philosophy of Things (powerful, nice to look at but easy to use) and then extends on it.

Culture Code’s Launch Video

The following is culture codes launch video. Short, brief but to the actual point. This is something different yet the same; powerful yet easy; and I’d say a cleaner if not one of the cleanest interfaces available to such a functional program. It is hard to imagine anything wherein the product simply isn’t better.

Take a look at Culture Codes video:

I would expect that within a very short time, many videos will be made about Things v3.

More to Come

My next article will be a detailed overview of the product. Having played, so to speak, with the product for a very short time, I can easily say I’m impressed. I wasn’t an overly keen Things 2 user but Things 3 changes that. It is a move towards a design that provides power but does this ever so carefully. You are enabled but not burdened. Providing these two things together is simply not easy. More power has often come with more manuals. Ease has often meant the giving up of capability or functionality that is essential to good task management.

Here you have both and can get running immediately. You are enabled but with a powerful product using a clean and fresh design. Sometimes, it is hard to envision the two residing together and then with a flash it hits you. You just did something that didn’t involve getting out a manual, spending time figuring out that which you need to figure out. It just happened but the result couldn’t be more spot on if you wanted it to be sans manual.

Expect then a follow-up article to this article which will be a more in depth review of Things 3.

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