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Things 3 was long in the Waiting however ….


I have never really been a Things fan; till now. Things 3 has changed this all for me. Not only is it wonderful to look at, it is fantastic to use in either OSX or IOS. Being productive doesn’t have to be the thing of drudgery. Things 3 definitely assists you with your productivity or Getting Things Done as it just simply works so fluidly.

Culture Code describes Things 3 as a complete Rework of the System

Culture code describes Things 3 as a complete rework and rethink of the system and it shows. It’s wonderful to work with as it is so clean and looks beautiful. However, more than that it is such an improvement in the way it works.

It is one of the most fluid task management applications I have ever worked with. It works to prevent excessive changing of screens and enhances movement between operations. This kind of functionality is not easily overlooked. As a result, things flow faster. The system itself also seems faster. Here, I think you could easily say form follows function.

Efficient Use of Collapsible Windows

In the creation of a Task, Window space is used very effectively. You can quickly glance at the outline of your task to determine what is required. Getting the information into the task simply involves clicking on the task and it opens and lets you put the information in where required. Instead of bouncing around to put the information in the right spot, the spot opens before you. You are saved the time of searching. It comes to you.

The Best of the Task Managers

Things 3 has moved up a lot for me. The clean look. The fluid design. The efficiency of actions. It’s ease of use make this the perfect task management app even for the GTD’r. It can be a simple app or structured to handle a GTD project. It looks well done with a quality build and it’s there.

If this were a cross platform app that ran under Android this would be my app of choice. For now, it is the perfect app for the Apple user no matter what they want to do. If it ever does go cross platform it will be my perfect app of choice.

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