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Things v3.0 is Just About Here

by Kerry Dawson

I wrote an article a short while ago at the Daily Mac View titled “GIVING UP ON THINGS 3 AS IT IS LIKE “WAITING FOR GODOT.” I’m pleased to report, Godot is arriving.

Culture code has just announced a release date with pricing structure in their blog. If you go the culture code blog you can read the details in their own words.

May 18th Godot will Arrive

In a nutshell, May 18th is the launch date for Things 3.0. The pricing structure has been outlined and they are keeping the prices the same. For users that have Things, this will be the first time Culture Code will have charged for a major upgrade since version 1.0.

Review to Follow but….

For launch day I’ll have a full review of the new v3.0 Things software. However, I can tell you what Culture Code has done has taken an easy to use yet powerful system and made it all the more so with a very, very clean interface which is a delight to use. I think for Things users, you will be more than happy with the new software as it holds true to their primary concepts for the productivity package yet has been beautifully re-worked.

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