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Copia: The New Kid on the Cut and Paste Block

by Kerry Dawson

The one thing, where it comes to our Macs, we basically have a plethora of options to choose from that turn our computers into a multiple cut and paste tool. Apple was revolutionary coming out with the clipboard in 1984. However, it soon became apparent that one clipping entry just didn’t do it. Multi clipboards entered the environment allowing users both to maintain a history of their cutting and pasting and to group pastes together improving efficiency.

There is now no lack of these tools all with the same intent in mind but with different approaches and strengths brought to the table. There’s programs like:

  • iClipboard
  • CopyPaste Pro
  • Copy 2
  • Copy’em Paste
  • Paste

And there’s programs like Alfred or Lauchbar that we use generally on our Macs that support very good Copy and Paste.

Copia the New Kid on the Block that is Visually Stunning

Recently, a program made it’s debut on the App Store that was yet another new Copy and Paste tool. What Copia is bringing to the table though, is a beautiful workspace nicely spread out. You can keep an unlimited number of clips back (probably not a good idea for memory and efficiency concerns) and do all the standard multiple Copy and Paste functions. If you buy the Pro package, which is well worth it for $13, you get in addition to an already stunning environment, a program in which you can tweak the environment to make it look even more gorgeous. The most important function though that the pro package provides is direct paste from the copied item, something which one can get around but it miserably impacts your efficiency negatively.

Copia can be parked on the either the left or right side of your display for convenience. It can also manipulate, to a degree, your copy text by removing formatting etc.

Nice Program to Look At

The one thing about the Mac is its ability to support rich looking tools. This is not only pleasing to the eye but it assists with relaxation as you work. Working with something that is very intuitive and pleasant to look at is a nice stress reducer, something that should not be overlooked while we work these days.

We have so much coming at us in the way information, work, using our computers to do so much of our work now and the pressures of delivery that anything that both assists with the delivery and management of that work in a pleasant to use tool has to be viewed as a big plus. Copia, thus, is my favourite Cut and Paste tool as it stands and I think it will probably be that way for a while.


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