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Is Mail Pilot making its way Back to the Mac

by Kerry Dawson

The other evening I got a study indicating Mail Pilot was making its way back to the Mac re-thought. Recently, I wrote an article “MAIL PILOT HAS DISAPPEARED BUT WHY?”. I never was able to determine the answer to the question but did get a number of responses indicating others were wondering the same thing.

In this letter, there was a request to answer some questions and indicate if there would be an interest in beta testing. This certainly sounds as if the company is actually thinking of giving it another go which would be great.

Mail Pilot’s Unique GTD Approach to Mail

The one thing that Mail Pilot is incredibly effective at is processing the mail. Mail is, to put it simply, quite out of control. It is almost impossible to keep on top of it now. We are so information deluged by mail from almost every source you can think of from retailers, work colleagues, friends, friends of friends and you name it that we have no time to think of little tricks we might be able to use to cull the most important of emails to the top of the heap.

As an example, if we had the time to write a script to pull the most crucial email to top we might avoid missing really important stuff in the mess. But very few of us have that luxury. We seem to be in a scramble to somehow find the garbage, hit the delete key and make sure we haven’t missed something important.

Mail Pilot Brought us a Way of Quickly Triaging the Mail

It would be wonderful if Mail Pilot came back. I’ve used every other email client on the market and none is nearly as good as Mail Pilot was at triaging our mail and getting through the pile fast and efficiently. Likely this could occur due to the organizational approach the product took with mail. In many way, it was like the task manager of mail. It definitely had a GTD influence.

There is a Significant Role Still for a Mail Pilot

From a personal perspective, I hope Mail Pilot returns. I somehow was able to stay on top of my mail. Sometimes I was better at it than at other times but at any time I was better at it than I am now. I feel swamped and would love a structured approach brought back to the process that is tried and true and in the end just worked.

Here’s hoping this email that did get through with the request to look at a revamped Mail Pilot was a real as real can be. In that, I know I have a fighting chance at some point to regain control over my email.

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