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Things 3 and Todoist

by Kerry Dawson

Things 3 has shaken things up a bit. Although it is not cross platform (only runs the Mac ecosystem), the way Todoist is, it is also outright sale and not based on the subscription model something in which many people are coming to hate.

The subscription bacsed model only makes sense for products like backups or network servers. These are network contingent items that you may or may not use for a length of time.

For most of the software going the subscription based model, this is not something you necessarily have to upgrade. Significant upgrades almost implied a one time upgrade fee.

Things 3 is a significant upgrade and one that almost every Things user is going to want. They’ve avoided the subscription based model which holds great appeal however, appeal to software companies not users.

Todoist, on the other hand, is a subscription based model. Regardless, this is a very powerful, cross platf0rm system ideally suited to a highly heterogenous environment. There might be good reason for the subscription based model as if you have a lot of platforms it could become difficult or expenssive to outfit all the platforms. At the end of the day it is a personal choice but I personally prefer the Things pricing approach to that of the subscription program.

Was Things worth the Wait

Sometimes, especially with software, it seems to take a dog’s age for an upgrade to arrive. It certainly seemed like that with Things. In this article I wrote “GIVING UP ON THINGS 3 AS IT IS LIKE “WAITING FOR GODOT”I was suggesting Things 3 may never arrive like Godot. However, in Samuel Beckett’s play, Godot never arrives this is not the case with Things 3. Not only has it arrived, it has arrived with smash.

Things 3 has honestly been worth waiting for. It is not only a great system to use but it is conceptually/architecturally working somewhat differently. The way it works is so much smoother and nicer than the standard models.

In point of fact, there is another program that is like Things 3 called TickTick with its advanced yet logical and intuitive mode of operation. Things 3 is a Mac app only and TickTick is a cross platform solution. TickTick can operate like Things 3 just not as elegantly but there is a place for both of them.

I would suggest that if you have a pure Mac ecosystem then Things 3 is the one to get. However, if you have a system that needs to work fully cross platform, then you have to look elsewhere.

Just to Explain Cross Platform

It is a little confusing when people refer to Things 3 as cross platform. On the Mac it runs under macOS and on the iPad and iPhone it uses IOS. Due to the difference it requires a port and this is why they call it cross platform. However, true cross platform is between say Apple and Android or Windows etc.

So although we can say Todoist is truly cross platform, it also works the same on all platforms. This is a huge plus. It mitigates any need to relearn if you go from say the Apple ecosystem to Androis.

Things 3 Operates the Same No Matter the Platform in the Apple Ecosphere

The beauty of Things 3 is that it is extremely well designed, intuitive, powerful and works consistently regardless of Things 3’s platform. The solution is a comprehensive solution regardless of the Apple platform. Working with Things 3 has numerous benefits regardless of platform.

For our purposes though, it is important to stop here. There is much to be explored in Things 3 from a functional perspective but to encapsulate this, it works beautifully.

If you’re a complete Mac environment and want to keep your task management simple yet powerful and based on a well demonstrated model, Things 3 might be perfect for you.

The program works fast with not only what one would expect in a task manager but other things that make this relatively novel.

Todoist is a Cross Platform Goldmine

One very popular fully cross platform tool is that of Todoist. It can be your GTD app yet easy to use without excessive complexity. Better still, it runs identically on everything.

I’ve covered Todoist itself in other articles and will refrain from going into great detail here as to how it works but to say that it works and it works well.

Things 3 or Todoist

I feel this is an easy recommendation here. If you are an Apple shop solely, go with Things 3. It has been marvellously crafted. However, if you will have to work in a Team or multi-platform environment (cross platform) Todoist could be your tool of choice.

I say could be your tool of choice as there is another program that is cross platform and is very similar to Things 3 and that is TickTick. TickTick has actually become my tool of choice as it is easy to operate like Things 3, cross-platform, Clean and intuitive. However, as I’ve done with the others, I plan on having an article just for this app.

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