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WWDC 2017 Just Around the Corner

by Kerry Dawson

During the week of June 5 to the 9th Apple will be hosting its annual WWDC. WWDC 2017 if the rumours are true promises to be exciting (for a change of late). In recent years, Apple seems to have been so focused on their iPhone, which has done them well and is significant but to the unfortunate underplaying of other important elements in the lineup.

Many people use Apple computers to get their work done. The most major complaint with the recent crop of MacBook Pro’s is that they are under performers while exceptionally expensive. One might expect expensive at Apple but underperforming is a whole different issue. This is simply a lack of focus or taking your eye off the target.

From the MacRumours Article what is Expected is…

  • iOS 11
    • macOS 10.13
    • modest Mac updates
    • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
    • New versions of watchOS and tvOS
    • Siri Speaker

Of these items, it is the first three that are critically important. The fourth is important as Apple needs to concentrate on positioning themselves competitively to the Surface Pro. The advantage the Surface Pro has is that it uses Windows 10, an OS that is used on all their platforms, making them very consistent.

Time to Address the Pro User

It is time for Apple to address the pro user. As this video from Ed Sheeran demonstrates, the Pro user, a loyalist to Apple over the years, both good and bad, are feeling like they’ve been forgotten. Apple’s reliance on one device also, that being the iPhone has major risks for the company as this market becomes increasingly competitive and the consumer marketplace is becoming Smartphone saturated.

This years WWDC could be very interesting.


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