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WWDC was a Success on the Mac Front

by Kerry Dawson

Many had been lamenting the fact that Apple seemed to have forgotten about the Pro user as a result of all the money they make on the iPhone. However, the Pro user has been with Apple for a long time and defined the company in terms of desktop publishing, ease of use with power and the ability to produce incredible documents.


Apple gave people a real reason today to upgrade to the new Macs expected this fall. There are to be new, more powerful everything.
The Macbook Pros have had some serious hardware added to them to make them well worth the wait.

The iMac is now less money but quite impressive. The Mac Pro, the machine to take on the Pro person is an impressive 5k Mac in grey colour. The specs behind this machine are not only impressive but they’re astounding. This is truly a Pro capable machine and it is something people have desperately wanted.

The old Mac Pro known as the Trash can was a major disappointment. People switched off of it to the iMac to regain some performance, an improved and logical environment and a nice looking machine. Apple must have just decided instead of redesigning the whole box, go with the success they have and beef it up and beef it up they did.

The Introduction of a New OS: Apple High Sierra

High Sierra will be Apple’s next OS for the Mac. It has been designed for efficiency and power. There’s a new file system which performs quite a bit faster than the current performer and a the capability to optimize operations to provide yet more performance just through the OS.

At Long Last we can Say Apple has Not Forgotten

I think it will be hard for anyone to catch up to Apple now. They have the momentum. Now they have to run with it.

Apple has done a great job with the iPhone but it’s not all about the iPhone. People put bread and butter on their tables for years with Apple equipment. Yet, they are feeling forgotten. Songs were being written about this.

No longer does the Mac Pro user need to be forgotten. They have been brought back into the fold and it is looking very impressive.

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