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A Revamp to my Original Article as the LG G6 is Every bit as Wonderful as they Say It Is

by Kerry Dawson

I very recently wrote an article “THE LG G6 A BEAUTIFUL BUT ULTIMATELY VERY DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE”. There was a problem but it wasn’t with the phone. My mobile service provider’s network was having trouble talking to the phone LTE and that ’s why the poor call quality.

The Fix was as Fast as Lightening

Once my service provider found the fix to the phone, it was as simple as them changing me from LTE to 4G. Now everyone hears me perfectly. I can further easily go on to say I think this is the nicest phone, including iPhones, currently on the market.

A Delight to Hold and Look At

The phone is a real beauty. I got it in Black, which is a very conservative colour to go with however, it is a stunner to look at and hold. It is the same width as an iPhone 7 basically so you hand doesn’t get tired holding it and it’s weight is only nominally higher.

The screen is the nicest screen I’ve ever worked with. It’s slight extra tall but brilliant display makes looking at videos and news articles wonderful. Often when I sit and say wait for the doctor I read news and this couldn’t be as enjoyable experience on any other phone.

Perfect Position for Touch ID

One of the major things that led me away from the Samsung S8 was the position of the Touch ID. On the Samsung it’s right next to the camera so you’re always turning it over to find the TouchID. Not so with the LG G6. It is positioned under the camera, in the centre of the phone. It is so easy for the finger to find and a light touch activates it.

This is probably the most responsive touchID system I’ve used. You literally touch it and everything immediately comes to life. To start the phone or turn it off you just hold the button down and these actions will take place.


The LG might be using the 821 chipset, but tests will demonstrate it is as fast as the 835 and in some cases faster. The 821 is a good chipset and LG has optimized their software to run very smoothly on their phone.

Not only is the phone responsive, it is very fluid as you go between pages and apps. I don’t know if the phone is the fastest, but I can assure you it is probably the smoothest phone I’ve ever used.

A Delight to Work With

This phone is a delight to work with. It operates so smoothly. If you turn off vibrations centrally they’re turned off everywhere. The screen is wonderful. Reading a news article is very easy on the eyes while watching a video is stunning.

A 32 gig phone might not sound like a lot, but you can have any number of external memory cards in the phone storing your music and all your entertainment or consumptive material and never have to worry about memory. To fill 32 gigs with applications would be an awful lot of applications.

However, I have noticed that Android phones are moving up to 64 gigs as a start even with the ability to add memory cards. So, you might think of this as a slight weakness in the phone, but because of the ability to add memory via microSD cards, it should never prove a problem.

The following is just one short video by PC Centric on Youtube on how nice this phone really is. I love it. It’s unfortunate when I first got it my provider hadn’t discovered the source of the voice audio quality but I’m so happy to have the device back.

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