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Numi the Fast Page Oriented Calculator

by Kerry Dawson

In the last last article, I discussed CalcPAD, a calculator that is as much a Notepad as it is a calculator. With this approach you get amazing short term as well as long term benefits. Numi is very similar in the sense that you write your phrases that include numbers and the calculations that you want performed. The advantage of course here is knowing what you are trying to accomplish and having reference always laid out for your future understanding.

Numi and CalcPAD

These applications are more similar than they are different. The major difference is the manner in which CalcPAD operates as a multi-page notebook whereas Numi does not. As I say that, it is slightly different in it’s operation. When you want a new page, you simply hit the plus key which creates a new page. The page you’re currently working on can be quickly exported to Numi files or the clipboard for storage in say Evernote.

Flexibility and Reference

Numi provides a great deal of flexibility. You can just write out your to be acted on work and it provides cues for reference from the written word. This type of approach is very useful. No longer do you have to do a set of calculations and wonder what they are about down the road as everything is fully referenced. This scheme of referencing brings a lot to the table and after having used Numi it is hard to use just a normal calculator.

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