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Review of CalcPAD a Unique Calculator


CalcPAD is really a notepad that at the same time is a very powerful calculator. This probably all started with Soulver. Calculations are sometimes very simple. Calculations can also be simple but involve a lot of steps. We might have a list of the calculations but to remember what each item stands for is not necessarily possible without a notation. That’s exactly what CalcPAD is all about. You can write your calculations out like you’re writing in a notepad however, CalcPAD does the calculations for you.

Pages In CalcPAD just like a NotePad

Like a Notepad that has pages with different pages to store notes, CalcPAD does the same thing. You can have pages each one to explain a different set of calculations. These notes could even represent different aspects of a project and say costs that go into the project. Every press of the plus key gives you yet another page to write on. Thus, CalcPAD is a Notepad calculator that is both powerful and flexible.

Much more Fluid than an Ordinary Calculator

This approach is much more fluid than just using a calculator app. For a very quick resolution to a problem a calculator might fill the bill. However, I find CalcPAD as fast to calculate a simple calculation just as fast as using a calculator app.

This is one very useful app. I can only heartily recommend it. It’s new yet the concept is so basic and practical I would view this as utility that will do very well.

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