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In 1990 there was a lot of hope for either cross systems functionality or open systems functionality. The second differed from the first in that the system was built on Open Standards. It was the preferred approach as technologically there was nothing to prevent it except, and this was more the political side, whose system would be used to deliver the functionality.

The Move to Cross Platform

With the march of time, the move is now to cross platform rather than choosing a specific platform that is to run on everything. So Android has Android OS, and IOS is IOSOS and Linux and Windows. All that is required if that each platform has its own, indelible version of an app that can run software identically between platforms. Thus, if you want to use a certain platform with application cross platform functionality you can. Vendor’s can differentiate themselves and users can rely on the differentiated product. There is now no need for everyone to use say a Blackberry when Android and IOS applications can seamlessly talk to each other.

Liberating and Productive

The move to cross platform has many benefits. These benefits range from that of the sole user to that of a team. In terms of the sole user, choice is now the operative word. As an example, say your task manager or your diary runs on all of the Apple ecosystem and Android. You could easily function with a full Mac environment but have an Android phone. Here you might choose Android for the style or its more price competitive.

In terms of a team, no longer are you forced to use a single platform but you can all work together but on the platform of your choice. Such functionality enhanced competition and price competitiveness. There are numerous reasons to want Open Systems or cross platform functionality.

It is really the cross platform functionality we are heading towards. The systems are becoming more complex to build as their functionality increases but with cross platform capabilities these costs tend to be dispersed over a wider audienced

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