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Daily Mac View Blog Update – A Refreshed System

by Kerry Dawson

The fall was a period in which we had to take stock of our server environment as it was dramatically underperforming and there didn’t seem to be a clear answer. The solution we implemented was supposed to improve everything but had just the opposite affect. We realized it was time to change servers but we not only did that but we took full stock of the way we were disseminating information and decided to do a full overhaul of our system.

Taking Stock

Upon looking at things, we realized that a three domain approach, though initially made sense, no longer did. We decided to run everything from the Daily Mac View but broadening its scope. Rather than having the Mac View for short analysis, reviews, commentary and reflection we decided to meld that into a new sections of the Daily Mac View. The Daily Mac view had always been tasked with handling the larger, more detailed analytical articles. Combining everything into one site though made sense as the short, brief material did not have to be targeted through a separate domain. There were synergies between the two styles and by bringing everything under one roof we hope to draw on those synergies in a less confusing fashion.

Where it came to Tech Today Review that was intended to deal with all non Mac technologies. Again, we have moved that under the Daily Mac View. We now have a sub header to its title called and “All things Tech.” It became apparent, especially with the move to cross platform and the integration of technologies, that Apple might want everything Apple but that other technologies worked with Apple products, in tandem with them or on their own but that the technologies we deal with all intersect in some fashion.

The Whole is greater than the Sum of its Parts

Here we concluded that the whole would be greater than the sum of its parts due to the synergistic effect. By combining everything into one domain we:

  • simplified the process of publishing
  • Where should this go
  • Now as it is, it goes to the DMV categorized as….
  • Items sit beside each other and have the effect of occasionally playing off one another
  • If the items were in targeted domains the relationships would likely not be seen
  • Reduces management function or rather simplifies the function
  • Logically introduces the view that one tech is likely not the story but rather the variety of technologies that materialize and interact and are interdependent make up the story
  • Reduced cost
  • Hopefully a more enjoyable user experience when pursuing the site

These are the most outstanding of the benefits to this approach. If you have any comments or suggestions as to the site or what we might add etc don’t hesitate to let us know.

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