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Applications still Rule the Day on the Mac and IOS

by Kerry Dawson

A lot seems to get discussed about the hardware and what it can do. However, the hardware powers the software or the tool you use to do something such as write, take a note, calculate something and on it goes. One thing that has always had stead over the competition is the quality and flexibility of software written for the Mac and now IOS.

Software Still Rules

Day One IOS same as Android

Many analysts, when they compared Mac software to say Windows software always saw the value in in the Mac due in large part to its superior software and the way it both looked and performed. That still remains the case till this day.

Between Windows and OSX the latter is still perceived as the nicer of two. It stands to reason considering who was responsible for developing it and its underlying core was Unix that this would be the case.

Scloby doo

iPhone vs Android

By in large part, it is understood that IOS software is superior to that of Android. IOS software looks nicer, performs better and generally provides a much richer layer of functionality than that found in Android. However, there is an exception to this rule which seems to be winning the day.

IOS Ported to Android as the Exception to the Rule

Android part of family

IOS software, ported to Android, to enrich the comprehensiveness of a system is just as nice as the IOS counterpart and in some ways may actually be better due to the true nature of multi-tasking in Android. As an example Day One for the iPhone looks just like Day One for Android. Developers are recognizing a major fact of this enhancement in their product line. The addition of Android:

  • expands the market substantially for sales etc
  • enhances the value of the product
    • That is now the solution truly is fully cross platform jumping out of the Mac environment

The Task Management system 2do, an award winning application, has done the very same thing. Their iPhone app has been ported to Android and looks great and works the same as if it was on IOS,

Again, you have enhanced functionality, a much larger target market place and a great application coming together to let a team work with their platform of choice.

IOS Remains King of Hill for Now

IOS simply remains as a King of the hill when it comes to the quality of the software. However, that’s changing with both the push to Cross Platform functonality and the power and capability of Android Smartphones. The software being written for the Android store is now under more scruitiny and developers are being encouraged to write quality software with guidelines, such as Material Design to help them along the way.

For now, if you want the best, nicest looking and performing applications, you will get them on IOS. I would though, in no way, over the longer term, count out Android to provide great apps. Further, if cross platform becomes a solid reality, you could have a system primarily composed of Apple equipment integrated nicely with that of Android. The benefit here is of course choice of handset, cost competiveness and and a thriving market based on great industrial design.

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