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If You Need a New Phone but want that Big Screen sans the Price of the iPhone X

by Kerry Dawson

It’s that time. Your current phone is giving up the ghost. Or you’re interested in the wonders of a large screen phone for more than one reason maybe. The iPhone X is a nice phone though it comes with a hefty price tag of around $1500 when you add in the taxes etc.

The iPhone SE is a great starter, and the iPhone 6 through to the 8 is probably one of Apple’s nicest designs. However, the iPhone X has a large and beautiful Amoled display and yet it doesn’t feel unwieldy in the hands.


Depending on what you do with your phone, you don’t have to feel locked into the Apple ecosystem any longer. If you are not solely dependent on software that hasn’t been ported to Android (e.g. Omnifocus, Things etc) there is a vast array of software that is fully cross platform and fits beautifully into the Mac environment. Further, Android comes with a Plethora of apps in the store. Android and IOS really have become the only viable solutions.

Android Provides some Fantastic Phones yet a little more Cost Effectively

Although there are a ton of Android makes and models out there, I feel there are only really the:

  • Pixel
  • Samsung
  • LG

HTC would have been in my list but they seem to have lost their way. That doesn’t mean good phones won’t come a long just at the moment, in terms of a large screen device that shoots excellent pictures, the above would define the market .


I’ve used iPhones almost since the day they came out and in the beginning I had to keep my Blackberry until the iPhone could measure up to the standards required at the time. It was actually not a big deal.

If you go to Amazon.com or .ca you will see the LG’s for some incredible prices. In actuality, the LG G6 is my favourite amongst the Androids and not the Samsung as one might expect. These phones can be had for between $469 to $569 depending on which one it is.

LG Models are a Touch Confusing

You’ll notice model numbers with the phone. Just to provide you with an idea, the 872 is for the US, the 873 Canada and the A LG G6 H870DS is intended for Australia, Hong Kong and Russia. The 872 and 873 are usually 32 gig on board memory with Wireless charging capability and the LG G6 H870DS usually has 64 gigs of memory. These phones though all work fine in North America.


Do not buy an Amazon phone unless it is Prime labelled an nomenclature Amazon uses for their special program which includes things like shipping, movies and better support.

However, as you can see, you can save a bundle just on one of these phones. Then if you compare the phone to the iPhone X you’ll spend hundreds less and I find the picture quality as good. The LG G6 has two lenses which produces yet better pictures.

Powerhouse Option

Just released by LG is the V30. This is a powerhouse of a phone. I personally do not think it is necessary as even though the LG G6 sports the Snapdragon 821, the phone runs fast and very smoothly. It is a high quality product but at a different price point.

One Other Option worth Noting

HTC has always, till recently, been recognized as a high quality brand. They somehow muddled things up with their M9 but recovered nicely with the 10. This was always seen very positively and what people could not understand is why it didn’t sell much better.

The 10’s screen isn’t as big (5.2”)as the iPhone’s (5.8”) nor is it AMOLED but it is top end (a difference between the X and HTC 10 but it is not earth shattering). The display is beautiful. If you look at its specs they rival that of the LG and the phone is a first class performer using the Snapdragon 820. This phone was originally priced at $899 when it came out but can be had on Amazon for under $400 USD. It uses the 16:9 aspect ratio but most stuff hasn’t been converted to the 18:9 of the LG or the Samsung. Thus it plays video perfectly.

As far as sound quality goes, this is the one to beat. It has a jack, which is still a plus as the sound just is richer from a wired jack than bluetooth. One of HTC’s claim to fame was sound quality.

Again, if you want that larger screen in a high quality device and aren’t overly dependent on Apple software this approach will do you well. Checking out your options and knowing your needs could save you a lot of money.

To Conclude

The iPhone X is a nice phone but it is the priciest on the market. They are redefining the market again even though Android has been in this space for quite some time. Once Apple enters a space they legitimize it.

However, this larger screen phone is quite new to Apple. Will the price come down. It will as the space grows but with Apple probably not a lot. You can do a a great deal with these devices. A smaller screen iPhone might be the better option if you want a different price point but if you like the large screen there are some deals in the Android market that just can’t be beat. It might be an option for you especially as cross platform continues its momentum.

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