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Is Apple Cancelling the iPhone X

by Kerry Dawson

Is Apple Cancelling the iPhone X

There are rumours swirling around that Apple is cancelling the iPhone X but this begs the question as to why? There are also some news articles coming out that this certainly is not the case.

Apple X Sales Appear Robust Enough

It is curious as to why this rumour got off the ground in the first place. The sales of the product seem good and Apple’s future product strategy is based on the iPhone X design.

Behind the rumour though is a a feeling that the product is not living up to expectations. It might not be selling the same numbers as the less expensive iPhone 8 but that doesn’t mean it isn’t doing well for a new entry. However, there is no question this is not a phone for everyone as it is quite expensive.

Yet, the trend in the industry is towards the larger display, bezeless phones using the 18:9 aspect ratio. Apple is not likely to miss out on this trend. They can’t stop it but can only get on board and for them, hopefully produce a better product.

Amoled is Part of the Trend though Not Essential

Amoled seems to be a part of this trend but I would argue that it is not essential. Some prefer the tones produced by high quality IPS panels. Samsung’s AMOLED is far too poppy for certain people’s taste whereas others prefer the understated AMOLED of the iPhone. Those though that do like the Samsung panel have little use for the iPhone’s.

I have heard some proclaim the iPhone’s as the best of the best. That simply is not the case. It is a style they went with and although some like it others don’t and prefer the more in your face Samsung panels Then there are those who legitimately prefer the IPS panels.

Different Price Points

These panels produce different price points as the AMOLED’s remain in shorter supply. Those that want a phone that is less expensive and who like the IPS panels may just be getting a high quality product, at a better price point.

Apple’s big Challenge; Price!!!!

As I see it, one of their most significant challenges with the X is its price. The initial price of the X I think caused quite a bit of sticker shock. You can still get a high end Android at a lesser price although one equipped similarly, like the LG V30 isn’t that much less.

No matter what anyone says about the X being a screamer, it is how the user perceives performance. An LG G6 using the Snapdragon 821 runs buttery smooth. Everything opens and runs just as fast on that device as the X. However, when you look at the specs and the price, the phone can be had on Amazon for $569 CDN and it’s build quality matches the X and so does its speed. Yet you almost have to spend $1000 more for the X and what really are you getting for that $1000. Not much when all is said and done.

The iPhone X I Doubt will Be Cancelled

Considering this trend in the industry to larger, bezeless phones that are high quality with an aspect ratio of 18:9 making them thinner but taller, it would be suicide for Apple to shy away from this. However, there are competitive pressures and design considerations Apple needs to make to remain viable. Android’s perception of difficult to use is simply perception. They are highly customizable phones and until you’ve got it the way you like it they may at first seem difficult to operate. Not in the long term though.

The iPhone X will naturally morph but it is the beginning of a whole new design concept for Apple. Some feel this will take us through the next ten years.

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