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Smoothsync an App to allow Android to Converse with iCloud

by Kerry Dawson

Going Apple for everything including the phone is very simple when you want all your devices talking. However, this limits you to the Apple world solely and Apple has done only small percentage of things could do to change this operation.

However, there is one technique to allow your Android to talk to iCloud and thus populate a foreign Android phone with data from iCloud. In essence, you do not have to be locked into Apple for everything unless you so choose.

Smoothsync (Calendars) an Android/iCloud Sync App

Smoothsync (contacts) is simply an Android app sitting in the Android Play store which fully allows you to talk to iCloud and populate your calendar events, contacts and tasks.

You could do this using an open system such as Fruux but it is $40 Euros a year which is pretty pricey. Exchange from Microsoft can accommodate this through it’s service but now everything you’re talking about is based on a proprietary protocol and is not as open as is Fruux. However, it is workable and if you’re already running a full Exchange environment it requires substantive testing.

Smoothysync is available to any Android user and is very reasonable. It will work with anything that uses iCloud as its medium. You’ll be amazed at just how fast it populates identically your Android phone with that from the Apple side of things.

Enabling or Installing Smoothsync

Simply go to Smoothsync app in the Android or Google Play store and download the two apps that control Calendaring and Contacts sync. For your userid that will be your AppleID. For your password, if you have double authentication turned on, you will have go to appleid.apple.com and generate a password for each Smoothsync program which is very simple. Enter this password ID as your passwords. This should then start to sync your Android to iCloud and your Android will be up to date and consistent,.


Compared to using something like Fruux (40 Euro) or Exchange this is a much cheaper approach than a full network solution. The software is reliable while at the same time it is reasonable.

Fruux is a very good caldav and cardav solution and in some ways its cost could be considered reasonable for the flexibility of ensuring you’re not locked in to a particular platform. However, that there is diversity of approach has to be considered a positive thing.

Choice, Requirements and Self-Definition Leading the Way

If you’re happy with the iPhone, it is the simplest way to be plugged into the Apple environment. However, at times you may feel the need for diversity. You may want to step away from iPhone for a while; try an Android and possibly come back to the iPhone. Or you might just like the Android you chose too much for at least now.

The solutions provide freedom and flexibility. They may involve a bit more work but possibly this is exactly what you want; to be more involved with your phone and possibly use apps that are the same as the IOS/Mac apps or ones that are very different.

In choosing an Android you might consider yourself pushing the envelope or just being a more cost conscious etc consumer. It might involve the desire for a system that can provide you with a different look and feel whenever you feel like that or one that has a different approach to the interface. You might even be a person that wants true multi-tasking but whatever the reason, solutions like Smoothsync enable this kind of diversity. Ultimately, this is a good thing as no one is pushing you in any one direction or the other but rather you are making the choice with no loss of functionality,.

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