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Why I took my iPhone X Back

by Kerry Dawson

I had switched to Android a couple of years ago mainly to learn about the system. However, I got used to the bigger screen, the power but most importantly the flexibility. The device fit perfectly into my Mac environment. Additionally, there were either apps that had been designed to work cross platform or there were IOS apps that had been and were being ported to Android. This I felt to be not only a huge bonus for the customer but for that of the manufacturer too. Competition is important for progress and cost control.

What’s the big Fuss with the iPhone X

Since I was buying the iPhone X at twice the cost, my expectations of the device were very high. By this time, I had an LG G6, a beautifully designed phone, that ran buttery smooth.

I was beginning to see Youtube videos that were a mixed bag on the iPhone X. Some loved the device and others couldn’t find the value that supported twice the cost.

I decided to do my own testing. No matter how I sliced and diced it things just didn’t stand up under scrutiny. It might have been theoretically faster but that’s where it stopped. I could either not perceive or measure a difference or it was there it just didn’t matter as it seemed the same.




Picture Quality

Everyone raves about picture quality of the iPhone and I just don’t get that one. If you want a camera with exceptional picture quality go and buy a Nikon full range camera. You will be sure to get good picture quality under any condition but you do have to learn photography. Whatever happened to that concept.

That aside, the iPhone did take a nice picture. However so too did the LG G6. The colours were a bit Warner on the iPhone and on the G6 they were a touch cooler. This reminded of the old debate between Kodachrome and Ectachrome. Ectachrome was cooler than that of Kodachrome but I tended to prefer this. It’s a matter of personal taste and not some scientific formula.

My List of Comparisons

As I shot through my list of compares I realized that I preferred my LG G6 as it could do what the iPhone X could and just as well while looking just as good (sans notch).

  1. Build quality – iPhone X as good as you’d expect an iPhone but so too was the LG G6. They both felt premium.
  2. Specs or capability – the iPhone X I got was a 64 gig and so too was the G6. However, the G6 supported external memory cards that could be swapped in and out if needed. It did not though support adoptability mode a way of enhancing base memory.
  3. Speed – for me one seemed as fast as the other. The iPhone never stuttered but neither did the LG.
  4. Battery – better in the iPhone as it is not a true multi-tasking OS. When you put it to sleep it’s asleep. An Android slows down but never rests.
  5. With taxes the iPhone X is $1500 CDN. The G6 with taxes is $816 CDN.

I Took it Back




I read an article that Apple’s iPhone marketing strategy is unique.” The article titled “How Apple’s unconventional iPhone X marketing strategy will make you want one at any cost” was enough for me. I just couldn’t find any significant difference between the two devices and as soon as I read this article I thought I can be manipulated but this is ridiculous.

I’m a happy camper I returned it not only because I didn’t really need it but because my bank account is just a bit healthier. We have come to spend a lot on our Smartphones but it seems to be getting away from us.


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