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A Little thing that Proves the Worth of the Jack

by Kerry Dawson


This is not a big article in any sense but just a simple little observation. I’ve always liked a jack in my phone as the music itself just sounds richer than over blutooth. That shouldn’t be surprising as [Blutooth](https://searchmobilecomputing.techtarget.com/definition/Bluetooth) was designed for device to device communications. It is a short range, low bandwidth protocol however the bandwidth is being improved for newer purposes.

I found though just another very simple application of the jack which you could easily say is very low tech. I was sitting at my desk and hooked to my Mac computer to a Bose sound system. I was just kind of thinking and staring at the controller and noticed two jacks of which I have seen a million times before. One jack is for sound in. I decided to get my input wire and hook my iPod up to it.

Having hooked the wire from iPod to jack, which took no time and required no figuring out, I looked for some music. When I played the music, out of this little iPod, the richest of classical music sound occurred.

I probably won’t ever do this again but I saw from this one little test the potential to do this anywhere and have rich sound emerge not a blutooth sound. The jack is far from dead. It’s only Apple’s massive brainwashing machine that makes us think it so.



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