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Focused and Marsedit used for Web Writing

by Kerry Dawson

I typically like Ulysses for written documents that are to go on the web. It handles all the preparation via Markdown and publishing of the documents in my case straight to WordPress. The thing about Markdown though is its philosophy that text should be as is. It treats the centring of images in the same fashion and thus they are all left aligned.

HTML can overcome this but the syntax is difficult. To do what I want I use Marsedit that centres images by generating centred documents on a line using HTML and I use Focused to write in as it has a nice text editor. I coud use iA Writer or any of a number of Markdown edititors to accomplish the same thing.

Why Don’t I just Use Marsedit

I could just compose and publish in Marsedit as it was one of the very first editors and publishers in one. However, I’m not so keen on the editor. I write in Focused which has a nicer layout and fonts then transfer the written documents to MarsEdit.

MarsEdit is where the Images are Placed then Published

Marsedit is one of the first offline publishing tools and today it is very polished. It manages images and video well.

Before transferring the document’s text to Marseditm, I give it one brief proof then transfer the writing. From there I input my images, take a word count and publish the document but now with the images centre aligned.

This technique is actually very simple but this small change makes the document visually more appealing than a true Markdown document with everything left aligned. Although Marsedit is not an inexpensive package for amount I write it is well worth it.

I love Ulysses for it’s capabilities and it is the best all around writer available. However, if I want to make this kind of adjustment, I could write HTML code in Ulysses or just let Marsedit handle it. I’m better with the latter.

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