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Chaos Control’s New Interface Look is a Major Step in the Right Direction


If you’re a major follower of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, you might be very interested in the revamped Chaos Control.

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Unlike OmniFocus it doesn’t carry the hefty price tag but does follow the methodology quite well. In fact, you could easily say this is a pure GTD program but like any program it’s complexity is what you make of it. However, another of the hallmarks of this program is it’s speed and ease of use.

Revamped Interface

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Chaos Control was always an intriguing program from both it’s name and it’s methodology. However, to look at it, especially on IOS, it was just plain ugly. Although I found this to be a quick program it was just not nice to look at.

This has all changed. The program is fully cross platform and it is now a great looking program on all platforms. They knew they needed an overhaul of the look as it was detracting from the resource as a whole.

Chaos Control is one of the fastest programs I have used to enter tasks, projects, contexts etc of any program on the market. It is not awash in features but it is pure GTD. Items can be easily moved to a new position enhancing a priority or detracting from one. The program doesn’t have reams of programmable views but it has the key views you need based on project, contexts and tags to give you meaningful information as to where to start.

A Typical but Atypical GTD Program

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Chaos control is pure GTD utilizing all the key facets of the methodology.

  • the inbox referred to as the Chaos box to capture your information
  • Projects – single step or multi making up a project unto itself
  • tasks – which feed into the project – completion of the tasks leads to project completion or the meeting of your goals
  • contexts or what is required to get something done be it a thing or a place

All of the above feeds into meeting your life goals. You use Chaos Control to help manage meeting those life goals.

A Very Cost Effective, Flexible Program

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As I mentioned earlier, Chaos Control is a very cost effective yet flexible program. Although it does follow the GTD methodology closely, it if fully cross platform. Anyone can particpate in a group and come up with their part of the puzzle using Chaos Control as it literally runs on everything.

Great Interface enhances Speed

One of the things I have always liked about Chaos Control is just how fast you can enter you data. It is very logical and thus data entry is quick. Add to that the nice interface that they have now, and there is less distraction in your workflow. The product I find is a pleasure to use.

One other aspect of this program which sees it shelving the unnecessary is the speed with which you can ascertain what is happeing and make decisions. If you look at Omnifocus as a GTD program it tends to have so much or many ways you can look at your information it’s easy to get lost. You can more quickly be overwhelmed by data and spend a lot of time coming up with ways to look at something.

Cost Effectivenss is a nice Change

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Now that Chaos Control can stand up on the interface front, the functional front and its abilities to help us reach our goals it’s all too nice to see a program do this cost effectively. Why do we need drown in other people’s subscription models. Somehow, the thinking goes like this – it’s only one subscription and I think I’ve priced it fairly. Unfortunately, it’s not only one subscription, it’s many and that is adding to a huge bill that we don’t have much control over when our data is locked into an application.

Chaos Control not only shuns this approach, but their price for a highly flexible program (cross platform) is more than reasonable. With the new interface, this is a program well worth taking a look at. In fact, this is a program well worth taking for a drive around a few blocks because the payoff for you, the consumer, could be immeasurable.

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