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Is the iPhone X Dead?

by Kerry Dawson

Now that the iPhone X has been out more than four months, the big question that is being asked is whether the iPhone X is dead. The real answer to that is it has, in no way, met Apple’s sales expectations. In fact, sales of the product are likely half of what was projected.

Samsung’s line that was supposed to supply the displays sits idle too much of the time. The reason for this though is likely multifaceted but at the end of the day the buck has to stop somewhere and it is ultimately another Tim Cook failure.

Not the First of His Products to bite the Dust

Tim Cook was assigned the role of interim chief. I believe Tim Cook was appointed for two reasons:

  • Jobs saw himself returning to work
  • Tim Cook was not a threat

The unfortunate thing is Job’s never returned. Many, for so many reasons, lamented this. Job’s though will go down is history as probably the greatest genius of the twentieth century. There have been many a historian that has looked at the man, with all his complexities to understand what drove him and brought his genius to life.

The iPhone a Tribute on the Tenth Anniverary of it’s Introduction

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In numerous ways the iphone X was to be a tribute to Job’s who introduced the iPhone a mere ten years prior. The success of the iPhone not only changed the Smartphone industry, it catapulted Apple to a top tier player in the Tech Universe.

Job’s had accomplished a lot with the:

  • iMac relaunch
  • the iPod
  • iTunes
  • the Mac Pro
  • the iPhone
  • the iPad
  • the AppleTV
  • icloud

Look familiar. These are still the mainstay of what we use today from Apple. On top of this, an ecosystem was born that drew you into Apple and once in it was very hard to get out. Why? Because not only did all of this work, in worked in beautiful harmony. Somewhat like a symphony, products worked with other products truly creating the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. In no way have we lost this either.


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Software is the key to making a good product and a great product and here we had in Job’s Apple the foundations for the creation of fantastic software. Software is becoming universal in that it will run identicaly on the Open Standards and so we have current software coming out for IOS and Android at approximately the same time. However, apps have been developed for the Mac that have not left home. The Mac/IOS has a software lead that can’t be downplayed.

As an example, one of the most advanced software programs for Task Management is OmniFocus. Things 3 is another good example. These programs are only on the Mac and one of the most advanced Text oriented DB’s DEVONthink is the same. If you want these programs currently you have to use Apple.

However, all the new stuff is coming for Android and Apple which is exactly what you’d want. Open Systems has been in demand for many years and it’s here now. The ballgame is about to change again.

The iPhone X might be Dead or Not but….

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It would appear the case that the iPhone X will simply be replaced with a new lineup. What has to absolutely occur at Apple is a harkening back to days gone by. Quality control has to be of the first order and it appears this is exactly what’s happening.

Apple is also now steering itself to services which are extremely profitable. The AppleTV is no longer a hobby and is very much indeed one of Apple’s strongest suit cards. They are investing 1 billion in original content which will net them a lot more in the long run.

Apple in fact has revolutionized television whether they realized at the time they were doing this. I think they are aware of this now but it looked from all appearances they might miss this boat.

It is likely they need to replace Tim Cook at the helm. No one wants him to go down with the ship and no one wants the ship to go down. If the buck stops with him, then he needs to take full responsibility for the collasal disasters he’s overseen. It’s time – time Apple wakes up and smells the coffee.

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