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Paste Leaps to IOS changing Permanently the Nature of Apple Computing

by Kerry Dawson

Paste, the multi-clipboard program for the Mac, has made it’s way to IOS. The significance of this is probably understood but not to the degree of the effect it will have.

IOS is another OS for IOS Devices

Since IOS is it’s own distinct OS for the platform, it is another, foreign operating system. It was difficult to move material between the two environments highlighting the differences. In fact, in some instances it is no more trouble to move something to Android from IOS as that of the Mac.

Paste changes all this with the clever use of iCloud. Now application data is immediately transportable and the tiered approach to the OS’s can be minimized.

iCloud is finally Strutting its Stuff

Dropbox is for the first time experiencing pain as a result of Apple’s most recent incarnations of iCloud. iCloud is now doing what Apple always intended for it. It is integrating the two disparate platforms, Apple’s Mac OS and IOS.

With Paste, you can now easily share the clipboard. At one time, to do this, you needed to use tools that used cloud services and sometimes it worked but at others it didn’t. The one thing you might want to easily share between the environments, more or less, is just simple text. Doing so ensures the accuracy of something you’re inputting.

Paste is Much More than a Clipboard

The Mac and IOS both have clipboards but they are very rudimentary. At the time of their introduction, it was revolutionary but a one to one copy and Paste today is not significant.

Paste allows you to keep as many copies of copied items as you want. You can also pin the important items at the top so you quick access to your info.

The significant thing about Paste on IOS and previously the Mac is that multiple copies of information is at your hands no matter the environment. The idea of pulling together disparate OS’s so that they talk has been a long term goal in I.T.

To make this clear, if you copy something on you iPhone or iPad say, that information is in Paste on the Mac. The only thing you have to do is ensure iCloud is turned on. Thus the significance iCloud. There is nothing complex about this process. It is one of the smoothest integrations I have seen.

Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

This could be argued both ways in that it is an evolution of what has been attempted in other ways but it is revolutionary in the impact which can’t be underestimated.

Paste is truly a product that is a must have whether you have a diverse mix environment or just one product. It almost should be part of the system. I can only say that I would highly recommend Paste on every device regardless of OS. The payoff at the end of the day is so worthwhiled.

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