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Daily Mac View follows Trends and Expands Coverage


At the Daily Mac View we started out to cover Apple products and its ecosystem. There were benefits to this approach as we were looking at an easy to use technology that was both simple to use but very effective. The ecosystem drove power to the technologies that were working in harmony.

You could use an iPhone as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with other devices without having to take a computer science course. In many ways, we were looking at an ideal tech architecture except it was proprietary. Apple might release certain things to the community but only to its benefit or not.

Move towards True Open systems Integration

As Apple was heading down this road, others were following suit and catching up if not surpassing them. Steve Jobs was gone and so too was a certain form of rationality.

However, as long as Apple held certain key technologies close to the breast which they did it was hard to unglue people from their iPhone. Regardless, the competition that tended to use Open Standards and the Daily Mac View leans towards that for the longer term prospect.

As an example, Apple used the A series of their own chips to power their mobile hardware. The competition all tend to use the Snapdragon making development easier and more compatible.

The Daily Mac View continues to Evolve with the Times

The Daily Mac View is still enthralled with the richness of the Apple environment. However, as we move a long the path to true open systems, it was decided that we would continue to cover tech at a high level but with a broader brush.

Thus, you will find a significant shift and orientation to products beyond Apple but how they relate. Open systems has been in the works for years but people throw the term around as if it exists. It does and doesn’t. As an example, Fruux, the networking platform would be an Open Systems design of Caldav and Cardav. It works very well but how many people use it. How prevalent is Fruux. It nicely ties Android to Apple. iCloud doesn’t yet they are a Caldav/Cardav system. How much does Apple really want this like Microsoft 20 years ago.

The technology has evolved enormously but people still try to lock others in with their proprietary sets. It’s not necessary at all. It’s a hindrance to productivity and the smooth runnung of an organization. Being locked into Apple makes me and others annoyed. It will be nice when we can choose a product on the merits of a product and not it won’t run due to incompatiblity.

It took Apple an extraordinarly long time to realize what they had in the way of the AppleTV. However, when they finally clued in and started offering more content and now are going to do some major investment in programming they continue down the narrow path if it was bought from Apple it can only be played on Apple. This is completely not necesarry. Hocus Pocus is what Apple is very good at and they go to no lengths to convince you that it is better played on an Apple device.

Once this obfuscation is left behind, then true, open systems will evolve with all the benefits that accrue to this approach. The Daily Mac View intends to be a part of this shift and provide meaningful articles to explain what’s happening.

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