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The iMac Pro: The Art of Quality or the Rebirthing of Apple

by Kerry Dawson

The iMac Pro has been touted to be Apple’s best iMac targeted at Professionals. Apple has definitely returned to the quality of production that we were used to seeing from products of years gone by.

This machine delivers in every way. The space grey looks great. The machine, even with the 8 core configuration is a powerhouse and it is ultra quiet. The fans rarely kick in.

After having used a top of the line iMac, there is no comparison between machines. The iMac doesn’t feel anywhere near as robust as the pro and when the fans kick in you could swear a jet is about to take off in front of you. If you’re a writer, this is far too distracting.

For the Difference in Price

The iMac Pro if configured as a baseline model is a bit more than the top of the line iMac but if you can at all afford the difference it is so worthwhile. In terms of growth from the base model you have tons of room to grow, from 8 core to 18; 32 to 128 gigs off RAM and an SSD drive that can grow to 4 terabytes and more. The machine isn’t cheap but where it comes to pure quality admist a performance beast it is so well worth the money.

The Apple we knew and Loved

Apple has been staunchly criticized for a loss of quality in recent years. At a time, you could buy an Apple product and just knew that it would work. Sure, there might be the occasional bug which no matter how good your quality control is will get through but Apple would be quick to fix it. So, you might have been paying a premium price for an Apple product but you were getting a premium product.

In years of late this schema started to deteriorate. IOS 11 has to be one of the best examples of just how far Apple has sunk. Yet, they have decided to make quality and delivering what the customer wants a number one priority. The new iMac Pro is a great example of this.

People who were loyal Apple fans were beginning or had lost the faith. It was becoming very frustrating. Once you have experienced quality and a product that just works you begin to take it for granted. The loss of this was not only frustrating but felt like a betrayal of a special pact between company and consumer.

The iMac Pro is Gem of a Tool

It seems as if the battle of the decline of Apple has been long in the making. It hasn’t. It probably started when the Mac Pro (trashcan) was introduced. The machine was so underwhelming for the price but it was only the beginning.

Apple recommitted to quality a short while back and with the iMac Pro it seems as if the new philosophy might be taking off. iCloud is working well for the first time. The needs of the pro market are being met who had been shunned for the longest time (who needs a computer when you had an iPad was probably one of the scariest refrains from Apple in their history).

Whether the iMac Pro is the beginning of or rebirthing of the old Apple, everyone is hoping so. In fact, it’s hard in technology to slow down but some are wishing that would happen so people can take a breath and enjoy with a sense of steadiness rock solid product. My guess; it’s coming and has already started.

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