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HTC Set to Introduce the U12 Possibly their best Handset to Date


HTC was a very successful company until they launched their U series of handsets. The last successful handsets based on merit were the HTC one a9 and the HTC 10.

Somehow though HTC lost it with the U series of phones. Using the older aspect ratio of 16 x 9, their phones were wide in the hand. Their premier feature, squeeze for a function, was a lemon. And although they were externally physically beautiful, that’s where the romance ended.

U12 Expected to be Launched in late April or May

The U12 renders are all very consistent. The phone is stunning using the new 18 x 9 aspect ratio. At GSM Arena the specs of the phone are truly stunning starting with a Snapdragon 845 or 860, 128 megs of memory fully expandable, an almost 4000 milli amp battery and the highest resolution display I have ever seen.

As the phone makes it’s way to market I will be sure to update you further. However, everything about this phone appears to be done right. The video to follow is one of many concept videos on the phone and I can only say it’s a stunner.

In this video, details of expected specs are revealed. We won’t know exactly till launch but if they’re anything like what is expected, this will be on dynamite of a device.

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