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“Keep It” For those that Don’t Need the Full Functionality of DEVONthink Pro Office

by Kerry Dawson

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Keep It is a software product very similar to DEVONthink however, it lacks the advanced functionality of DEVONthink. Regardless, it is a tool that could easily replace Evernote in the Apple environment with a friendlier interface. In fact, the interface on both the Mac and IOS products looks very modern.

Previously Together

“Keep It” used to be referred to as Together. However, Keep IT has been redesigned from Together and is structurally more logical and well rounded than Together. Both programs were intended to store any kind of information and grouped in various ways through tagging and/or folders.

Keep It will Store Anything

Keep it software

Much like DEVONthink but without the AI engine, Keep It will store any type of information for you. Along with finding on search anything quickly using tags and folders you can group related items. It can be a perfect tool for someone doing research, working on a project and working in tandem with a task manager, email or other items you might want to share the info with.

Powerful Note Taking Functionality

Keep It is also a powerful Note taker and can organize your notes in a variety of ways. Using links you could clip a web page to Keep It and then annotate and relate a note about the info on the page. This kind of functionality vastly improves productivity as a note can stand as an island unto itself or better still be related to something you’re working on.

At first blush, taking a note might appear to be a simple thing. It can be but often a note references something. The ability to link notes or relate them with tags or in folders enhances the value of the note. Simple note keepers simply aren’t designed to do this. Something like Keep It can bring linear functonality to the note (eg. B follows A and on it goes) or non-linear functionality, something far more ppowerful (B is related to C and A or B is related to C then A).

Works on the Mac and IOS providing Mobility for your Information

Keep It’s power would be greatly hindered if it were only available at the desktop. Using Keep It Mobile your information is fully portable and with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch your information can be with you at all times.

This is important as you may need access to something valuable when you’re out and about. Thus, Keep It provides not only a powerful system but one that is robust and takes full advantage of iCloud.

DEVONthink Pro Office and Keep It


Although it sounds like these two systems are very much a like they do vary from each other wherein DEVONthink provides a more scaleable way of dealing with your information. Keep It is an Information Manager. That is, it is a way to store and manipulate information.

DEVONthink Pro Office is all of this however, with its AI engine it can be a knowledge manager. It has all the capabilities to manage your information yet go a step beyond with the AI engine to create knowledge. It provides for fast filing of information in what it views as the proper folder and make connections between pieces of information. This capability allows you to come to conclusions or at least perspectives of thought and thus knowledge.

If you want a paperless office, there is nothing finer than DEVONthink to scan any kind of paper into it and become part of the database system upon which information is managed and knowledge obtained.

Keep It is an ideal tool for managing information through a nice interface where DEVONthink Pro Office goes the step beyond. Both serve their purposes well however, if you’re say a researcher, doctor or a lawyer you will be better served by DEVONthink. Regardless, either of these two applications will put you a step ahead as the era of digitalization continues to explode and we need to apply tools to cope with this ever expanding monster.

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