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Keyboards for the Apple iPad 10.5 Pro

by Kerry Dawson

Although one might think that how could there be an issue of sorts around a keyboard for the iPad Pro 10.5” , there actually is. Apple, for the longest time didn’t produce a keyboard for its iPad line of product. Rather, they seemingly left it to third party suppliers to fill this gap and fill it they did quite well. However, now when you buy your device you can also purchase a Smart Keyboard for the iMac 10.5” pro but only for the model of iPad.

One might wonder what could possibly be at issue with Apple and its building its own keyboard for the device they produce. Interestingly enough there is an issue with this keyboard that lead me to buy two other third party products till I found something that worked for me.

Apple’s Keyboard

Apple in its first generation of the iPad did produce a keyboard for that device but they gave up relatively early as this is where they stopped. Fortunately though there were very good third party units from the likes of Belkin, Zagg and Logitech. For years, they carried the show and did a fine job. Things often shifted around though in that for a certain model of iPad the Logitech would be the one to beat and then the following year that would go to Zagg whilst in another year it might be Belkin has the finest.

iPad Pro 10.5 and Apple’s Misstep

Apple finally got back into the keyboard business with the iPad Pro 10.5. For all intents and purpose, this looked like a dynamite combination. The keyboard is not cheap at $229 CDN but its Apple.

The beauty of this keyboard is that you do not need to pair it with iPad. This process is automatic. Further, it is a full not compacted layout of the keys which is ideal. However, this is where it stops.

Two things are of major problem with the keyboard right from the get go:

  • no backlighting of the keys making them very difficult to read at night
  • No home screen button always a standard on these type of keyboards
    • this means you’re constantly reaching for the screen to access the home screen far less than from ideal

When you’re paying this amount for a keyboard, a premium price, you take it for granted that it will perform perfectly right out the box.

Finally the keys themselves are not idel for a touch typist. The keys are chicklet and don’t have any float and this is a big downside. It is difficult to type on this keyboard.

Back to the Drawing Board

I’ve used a keyboard from the beginning and I wasn’t going to give up. I first tried the Logitech and although this provided a lighted keyboard and was a delight to type on I settled on the Zagg. Other than pairing, this was the keyboard to beat. It provides a beautiful typing experience with very interesting backlighting.

One Expensive Device

With the investment in the iPad Pro and three keyboards this was one little bit very expensive unit. I gave the logitech to my doctor as he was complaing about the same things (especially the lack of a backliit keyboard). He is now a very happy camper as am I with my Zagg.

How Apple could have messed this up is beyond me but when typing is so important to you the tendency is to go to whatever lengths to get it right. I would highly recommend against the purchase of the Apple keyboard but rather get the Zagg which is easily obtainable online. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and have a fantastic keyboard to go with one of Apple’s best iPads.

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