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Take all Your Information A Walking with DEVONthink to Go

by Kerry Dawson

DEVONthink Pro Office is a powerful Information Management tool that can store any and all of your digital information. If you want a paperless office, scan all your paper into DEVONthink and let it manage the retrieval of that info when you need it. If you’re doing research, clip it to DEVONthink from the web and capture PDF’s, annotate them and retrieve them again in a flash.

DEVONthink though would not be nearly as valuable if it didn’t have a powerful mobile app to go with it. It just is the case that DEVONthink to Go 2 is that powerful mobile app. Take either portions of your info with you or all of it and know that you can retrieve what you will need where and when you need it. The IOS app is not the desktop app of course but it is amazing what you can do with it.

Sync Using Different Protocols

DEVONthink to Go 2 allows you to use different sync protocols. You could choose to use Dropbox or Box or your own NAS server. Using you own server keeps your information in house and FOR some that is important.


Much like the desktop app, DEVONthink to Go 2 allows you to look at your data in a number of different ways. This is important to determine what the most efficient way of looking at, finding and assessing your data. The app is a robust app that will take all forms of information and display it in a fashion best suited to you. Something like this helps immensely in the decision making process.

This video from Youtube explains the product feature set nicely.

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